How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Dog – Especially if They’re Samoyeds!

Sacha’s Diary – September 23, 2016

Dear Diary,

This will be a short blog entry because I’ve got so much to do today. Not sure how you humans do this work stuff all week long! We Samoyeds are known as a working breed, but all I can say to that is TGIF!

Sacha Surfing the Web - His Morning Ritual

Sacha Surfing the Web – His Morning Ritual

Anyway, I was surfing the web today getting my morning news, you know as one does, and I came across this great article talking about the right way to introduce a new pet to an existing pet. There’s a lot of good tips and information in that article which talks about three categories, dog meeting dog (my personal favorite!), cat meeting cat (meh…), cat meeting dog (double meh…).

This brought back fond memories for me because I was once that new dog being introduced into a house with an existing dog, my brother Ramius! Of course, I didn’t know he would was my brother back then. I was just 8 weeks old and out in the big, bad world for the very first time with my new mommy and daddy, new home, and new brother. Ah, the innocence of those halcyon days amirite? Continue reading

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer – Product Review

Great Tool to Keep Medication Safe and Organized

If you’ve been reading our series about our Samoyed Ramius’s battle with cancer, you have a sense of the ordeal he went through before passing away. If not, I encourage you to read all four parts to date of this continuing retrospective of Ramius’s Journey.

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer

We’ll be discussing this in later additions to the series, but one of the things you face when you’re caring for a sick dog is managing their medication. And when you’re fur baby has a series disease like cancer, managing the medication can be daunting. Very daunting in fact, and confusing.

One great and inexpensive tool that helped us tremendously was the Ezy Dose Push Button 7-Day XL Medtime Planner. Continue reading

Cancer in Dogs – Ramius’s Journey Part IV

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospective of our Beloved Samoyed Ramius’s Battle with Cancer

In This Entry – Radiation Begins

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed away in January, 2016.

Ramius chillin'. Not concerned about all these radiation treatments

Ramius chillin’. Not concerned about all these radiation treatments

When we last left you in Part III, my wife and I had just finished our “4th of July Summit,” where we thoroughly discussed the best course of action for Ramius. And after that long weekend and much deliberation, we decided to go with 5 radiation treatments, instead of 20.

Our next step was to take Ramius back to MedVet Chicago and meet with our radiologist, Dr. Jayme Looper to talk through the process and schedule his appointments.

Meeting with Dr. Looper

Up to this point, all of our consultations at MedVet Chicago had been with Dr. Smith. So this would be our first time meeting with Dr. Looper. We were immediately impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable she was, and how much she already knew about Ramius’s case. Even though this was her first time meeting Ramius. Continue reading

Cancer in Dogs – Ramius’s Journey – Part III

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospecitve of Ramius’s Journey – Deciding on the Course of Action

Ramius says, "So...what are you guys talking about?"

Ramius says, “So…what are you guys talking about?”

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed away in January, 2016.

When we last left you in Part II, Ramius just had surgery which successfully removed his lymph nodes. The next step was to determine how aggressive we wanted to be in treating his cancer now that the lymph nodes had been removed. Continue reading

Do Dogs Know When You Leave? – Tips to Reduce the Stress

Sacha’s Diary, September 8, 2016

Dear Diary,

This past Saturday, my mommy and daddy left the house with a bunch of suitcases. And not only that, they had a friend of theirs, Ariel, staying over at the house the night before.

Sacha Chewing His Bone

Sacha Chewing His Bone

I know this pattern pretty well, and it always makes me nervous. When this happens, it means my parents are going out of town somewhere on a trip, and they’re not taking me with them. Usually, I go with them whenever we travel somewhere that’s close by, so if I’m not with them, they’re probably far away. This makes me sad 🙁

You see for me, I never know when they’re coming back. Is it the next day, next week, next month? I have no idea and it stresses me out! I know mommy and daddy are trying to tell me when they’ll be back, but you humans speak some sort of weird language and we Samoyeds never know what you’re saying. You frustrate me. Silly humans!

Anyway, there are some things I’d like to recommend to my readers out there that you can do to make things less stressful for your Samoyed while you’re out of town for a few days. All of these tips are things that work really well for me. Continue reading

Cancer in Dogs – Ramius’s Journey – Part II

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospective of Ramius’s Journey – Visiting with the Cancer Specialists

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed in January, 2016. When we last left you in Part 1, Ramius had just had a growth around his anus removed that turned out to be malignant.

Ramius Smiling - Like He Always Did

Ramius Smiling – Like He Always Did

The next step was to run some additional tests and visit with the specialists at MedVet Chicago, formerly known as the Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center. We set up an appointment with Dr. Jacyln Smith, a Veterinary Oncologist, and she told us more about the type of cancer Ramius had and what our options were. Both Dr. Smith, and Dr. Jayme Looper, whom we would meet in the near future, are absolutely wonderful and would give Ramius the best medical care he could ever have.

Dr. Smith had reviewed the report and analysis from McKillip Animal Hospital and was completely up to speed with Ramius’s recently diagnosed condition and the surgery he just had. She patiently and carefully explained everything to my wife and me and told us what we needed to know.
Continue reading

Fun Dog Learning Style Tool – Check it Out!

Here’s another fun tool for you to try out. What kind of learning style does your dog have? Again, it only takes a minute so give it a shot!

Samoyed Learning Style Tool by TrainPetDog

And if you enjoyed this tool, be sure to check the other cool, fun, and interesting tools on our website:

  1. Dog Breed Selector Tool
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  3. Your Dog’s Training Style


And if you’ve tried one of our tools, please leave a comment and let us know what you thought of it!


Cancer in Dogs – Ramius’s Journey – Part I

About Ramius

I want to talk a few minutes talking about our beloved Ramius. Readers of this blog know how much he meant to me, and perhaps you saw my recent post about his birthday. He would’ve turned 13 this month.

Ramius Smiling

Ramius Smiling – His Familiar Pose

One of the reasons I started this blog is that I want it to be sort of a living a tribute to my best friend Ramius, as we used to call him. Ramius was diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of cancer in the summer of 2014 and endured a long, courageous bout with the disease. He finally succumbed to it in January, 2016. This will be the first blog post in a multi-part retrospective about his journey and courageous battle with cancer. I hope you’ll stay with us the whole way.

His journey was a long one, and even though it was extremely hard, it was joyous as well. Starting this blog is not only a tribute to him, but also, I hope it will help educate and inspire any pet parents who have a dog battling cancer.

It can be a scary and terrifying journey and I don’t want you to feel alone. Many of us have gone through this and know the struggle. In fact, our first Samoyed, Zoya, also passed away of cancer back in 2008. So we know. We’ve been there.


I’m going to try and recreate the last 2 or so years as best as I can. It’ll be a very personal and revealing journey for me as well as I explain everything that was going on with Ramius’s health and the decisions we made each step of the way. Many of these decisions were very difficult to make, and as you read this, you may find yourself making different decisions if you were in our shoes. That’s fine. These decisions are personal and painful. But regardless, I hope you will find the information useful, educational, inspiring, and even funny and entertaining. This should be a celebration about Ramius’s life as much as anything else.

So let’s begin. Continue reading

Happy National Dog Day! – Is National Samoyed Day Next?

Happy Friday everyone! And of course, it’s a very special Friday because today is National Dog Day!!

National Dog Day is cool. But National Samoyed Day would be better!

National Dog Day is cool. But National Samoyed Day would be better!

Sacha is very excited, in fact, he’s pushing for a National Samoyed Day! All of us here at the blog will try to help him that.

He also seems to think he gets to have extra treats all day for some reason too. Hmmmm…maybe on second thought we’d shouldn’t have told him about today 😉

In honor of today, be sure to check out our super fun Dog Breed Selector Tool. Everyone really seems to enjoy this tool, and it only takes a minute.

Enjoy the day with your pooch and make sure to give them lots and lots of love and attention. They deserve it!

And if you’re doing special with your dog in honor of today, please leave us a comment and tell us what it is!


Happy Birthday Sweet Ramius

Best Friend Ramius

Many people feel that dogs are humans’ best friend and you can certainly count me among them. This was never more true for me than with our sweet baby Ramius.

Happy Birthday Ramius!

Happy Birthday Ramius!

Ramius passed away of cancer in January, 2016. I’m about to undertake a whole series of blog posts on this site dedicated to Ramius and his long battle with cancer. I can tell you that will be very painful for me.

But today, I want to think only happy thoughts and post this birthday wish in honor of our baby boy. Ramius would’ve turned 13 today.

If you’re wondering if his name sounds familiar, Ramius is named after Sean Connery’s character in the great film, The Hunt for Red October, based on the book of the same name by Tom Clancy.

Ramius was the sweetest dog on the planet. Always filled with love, always ready to play, and always happy to be hugged and petted. I used to refer to him as “Best Friend Ramius,” because he truly was. I’ve got tears streaming down my face as I write this and my wife and I still miss him dearly. We always will.

Happy birthday sweet Ramius! We love you and miss you. We’ll all see each other again on the Rainbow Bridge.