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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Samoyeds – Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful for Samoyeds

Sacha says Happy Thanksgiving!

Sacha says Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day for which we give thanks, I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about why we are so thankful for our Samoyeds. Which seems appropriate since this is a blog devoted to Samoyeds.

We’re thankful for so many things from all three of our Samoyeds, Zoya, Ramius, and of course our current Samoyed Sacha. This could be a list of 100, but who would read that right? So, here are the Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful for Samoyeds this Thanksgiving/
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Cancer in Dogs – Chemotherapy – Ramius’s Journey Part VI

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospective of our Beloved Samoyed Ramius’s Battle with Cancer

In This Entry – Chemotherapy

Ramius chillin'. Chemotherapy? No problem...

Ramius chillin’. Chemotherapy? No problem…

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and our beloved Samoyed Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed away in January, 2016.

Hope you’ve been enjoying our series so far. When we last left you in Part V, we discussed Ramius’s Radiation Treatments. Today I want to talk about his chemotherapy sessions. Chemotherapy is a very scary word right? You don’t want to hear that your pet (or you) will have to go through something like that.

But if you’ve been reading along in the series, you already know we knew this would be the next step. After Ramius had successfully completed his 20 (yes 20!) radiation treatments, chemotherapy was to follow.

Side Effects

One of the big questions you’ll probably have if your Samoyed, or whatever kind of dog you have, is diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy will probably involve the side effects. We probably all know about the side effects chemo has in humans, and we wonder how, or if, it will affect our pooch. Continue reading

FetchFind Review – The Place for Pet Pros

Chicago Based Digital Company is Perfect for Pet Professionals


Today I want to talk to you about one of the coolest young companies I know, called FetchFind. In a nutshell, FetchFind is an online marketplace for pet businesses and professionals.

In other words, if you’re a pet professional looking for a job , you should go to FetchFind. Or if you own a business in the pet industry and need to find employees, you should go to FetchFind as well. Continue reading

Thought Processes of Dogs – Cutting Edge Research Center Opens to Study

The Canine Cognition Center Open at the University of Arizona

I ran across an article this morning about the University of Arizona opening a new research center to help understand the canine mind, specifically their thoughts and behaviors. Understanding the thought processes of dogs sounds like a pretty amazing idea and I’m sure they’ll learn some very cool things.

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

The thoughts that my Samoyeds have is something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time. I’m sure this crosses the mind of most dog owners from time to time. Fortunately for readers of this blog, we have Sacha’s Diary to help give us an insight into the canine mind. Well, at least Sacha’s canine mind. 🙂 To read his latest diary entry, just click here.

It’ll be interesting to read about what kind of findings the new center at the University of Arizona reveals.

Until then, just stay tuned to this blog. 🙂


Dog Diapers – Puppy Pads that are Good for Dogs with Incontinence

Dog Diapers – Ramius’s Favorite Brand 

If you’ve been reading our retrospective series about Ramius’s fight with cancer, you’ve seen how bravely he dealt with radiation treatments. One of the side effects though was that he had “Juicy Booty,” meaning his poop was soft and would tend to leak out.

Which in the grand scheme of things really isn’t that big of a deal. But, you’ll want some sort of a diaper for your pooch to keep your house and car clean. Along with your pup of course. Continue reading

Funny Dog Video – Sacha Howling at Fire Truck

Sacha Loves Talking to Passing Emergency Vehicles

Thought we’d have a little fun on a Friday and share a video of my Samoyed Sacha howling at the sound of a siren from a passing fire tuck. Sacha loves howling at sirens, even in the house. If the windows are open and an ambulance drives by or something, there goes Sacha howling at him through the window. It’s so cute.

It was a windy day (we do live in the Windy City after all), so pardon the wind noise. But with that said, I now present to you, “Sacha and the Siren.”

Rescue Dog Affirmed at Rapscallion to the Rescue Needs New Home – Attention Florida Readers!

Black Lab Needs New Home After Owner Slain

I was reading this incredible story today about an elderly dog named Affirmed in need of a new home. Please click on this link for the full details, but this story is so heart wrenching I needed to share it with my readers.

In short, a 15-year old black lab, named Affirmed, needs to find a new home after his 81-year old owner died after being violently beaten at his home during a robbery attempt.

I know right?! Absolutely horrific story! The poor man.

Fortunately for Affirmed, he is being taken care of at an animal shelter called Rapscallion to the Rescue in Levy County, Florida until a new home can be found for him.

Affirmed is said be very sweet and he must be so confused and sad, the poor thing. Let’s try to give him a happy ending at least! To learn more about how to adopt Affirmed, please visit Rapscallion to the Rescue.

Please spread the word to anyone you know in Florida who may be able to help!

Thank you!


Dogs on the Bus – Amazon Launches Ride Share for Employees

The Dogs on the Bus Go Round and Round

I was reading this very cool article today that talked about how Amazon is launching a private shuttle for its Seattle employees to transport them to and from work. And employees will be able to take their dogs with them. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I want to commend Amazon and other companies who are going the extra mile to make things easier for dog owners. Dogs are a vital part of so many people’s lives, and we’re seeing progressive companies like this really try to improve the work life balance of their employees.

FetchFind is another forward thinking company that recently put out a recent blog series about Dogs in the Workplace that is definitely worth reading. I think things like this will continue to grow and get more important over time. Especially as the economy continues to improve and the competition stiffens for talented employees.

Smart employers know that smart employees like to have their dogs taken care of!

Cancer in Dogs – Ramius’s Journey Part V

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospective of our Beloved Samoyed Ramius’s Battle with Cancer

In This Entry – 20 Radiation Treatments

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and our beloved Samoyed Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed away in January, 2016.

Ramius on his Favorite Leather Sofa

Ramius on his Favorite Leather Sofa

When we last left you in Part IV, my wife and I made the final decision to do a full 20 radiation treatments for Ramius. Now it was time to begin the process.

Radiation Therapy

It was on a Monday in the middle of July when we brought Ramius to MedVet Chicago for his first treatment. This was to be the first of 20 daily treatments and visits we knew we had to make. We understood this would an ordeal for all of us, most of all Ramius of course. But making 20 trips in a row (except weekends) to the vet is obviously a hardship in many ways. Fortunately, our jobs had enough flexibility to allow us to do this, and those who wrote our checks were very supportive. Without that, none of this would be possible. And fortunately, we were financially protected due to the fact we had excellent pet health insurance. Continue reading

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer – Product Review

Great Tool to Keep Medication Safe and Organized

If you’ve been reading our series about our Samoyed Ramius’s battle with cancer, you have a sense of the ordeal he went through before passing away. If not, I encourage you to read all four parts to date of this continuing retrospective of Ramius’s Journey.

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer

Ezy Dose Pill Organizer

We’ll be discussing this in later additions to the series, but one of the things you face when you’re caring for a sick dog is managing their medication. And when you’re fur baby has a series disease like cancer, managing the medication can be daunting. Very daunting in fact, and confusing.

One great and inexpensive tool that helped us tremendously was the Ezy Dose Push Button 7-Day XL Medtime Planner. Continue reading