Best Dental Treats for Dogs – Which Should You Get?

I Love Me Some Dental Chews and Treats! – Sacha’s Diary August 4, 2016

Dear Diary,

Usually, my Daddy does the product reviews around here, but I asked him if I could do this one because I love dental bones! Other than the homemade dog treats my Grandma Carole makes for me, these are my favorite treats in general! Dental or not! But, I like lots of treats so that may not be saying much πŸ˜‰

And let me tell you, I hate to admit it, but I can be kind of a stinker if I don’t get my dental treats when I want them. You see, I know when Mommy and Daddy are getting ready in the morning, they’re a little harried. The last thing they want is to hear me barking and causing a ruckus. So what do I do? I stand by the closet where they keep the dental treats and bark until they give me one.

I know right?! Pretty clever of me don’t you think? We Samoyeds can be a bit mischievous at times. So to my fellow Samoyeds out there, if you’re reading this, give it a shot! Works every time!

Okay I Admit It. I can be a little Mischievous at Times.

Okay I Admit It. I can be a little Mischievous at Times.

Kirkland Signature Dental Chews

But actually, I am very concerned about my overall dental health so in a way, I’m doing my parents a favor by demanding these chews. Don’t you think? Here’s what the product description on Amazon says about the Kirkland Signature Dental Chews.

Grain-free and gluten-free dental chews are safely digestible, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Chews are two-sided, with a groove and multiple levels of ridges and nubs to help clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar from a variety of angles. The paw-grip handle is designed to work with your dog’s natural, instinctive chewing style.

See! They’re tasty AND good for my teeth! Can’t beat that right?!

Another Trick – Bark When They Get on the Phone!

Oh, before I continue, let me share another tip with all of my canine friends out there about how to get more treats. As soon as you see your parents get on the phone, walk over to the closet where they keep the dental treats and bark as loud as you can.

Yep! It’s so simple it’s genius! You see, lots of times my parents will work from home, which from what I hear is actually pretty common these days. And over the years I’ve learned to watch their faces and listen to their tone of voice when they start talking on their cell. They get SO SERIOUS! It’s crazy. I mean, what could be that important amiright? You humans really do make me laugh sometimes.

But, now that I know you’re weakness, I’ve got you! As soon as my parents get that ‘Be quiet, I’m on the cell phone,” look on their face, I saunter over to the treat closet. Usually, I’ll wait until just the right moment. Like if my daddy is about to say something he thinks is really important, he gets this certain vocal quality. As soon as I hear that sound in his voice, I’m all like, “Roof! Roof! Roof!”

Well what can he do? He’s got no choice but to go to the closet and hand me a treat. Ha! And of course, this only encourages me to keep doing it. It’s a vicious little cycle I’ve got them wrapped up in. Works on mommy too. Remember my canine comrades, if you try this at home, you heard it hear first!

But that said, don’t push it too much okay. Once one of my parents relents and gives me a treat, I let them off the hook. I usually curl up on the couch and enjoy my dental chew. I don’t double dip, and really by that point, I’m just very content. What’s that old saying? Dental chews won taste twice as sweet as dental chews earned? Something like that I think.


I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to dental treats, and really all things dog food related. This product here is another one of my favorites! The Dentastix from Pedigree!

Yum! They’re just so dog gone tasty! And pretty cheap too. Looks like you can this product from Amazon for around $8. Can’t beat that amiright peeps?!

But as pet parents the thing you should know is that these are also good for my teeth too. Just read this product description from Amazon.

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Original Large Treats for Dogs have a special chewy texture that helps clean between teeth and down to the gumline. These chicken-flavor DENTASTIX Treats are clinically proven to reduce tartar buildup. Plus, our patented X-shaped dental chews freshen breath while treating your dog to better oral health. PEDIGREE Oral Care Treats are dog snacks you can trust, and your dog will love.

Clinically proven?! Pretty awesome right?! I know, I’m a lucky dog, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Checkups- Dental Dog Treats

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a shout out to these Checkups Dental Dog Treats. I’m a big fan of these too! The only bad thing about them though is that they’re easy to break in half. So lots of times, my parents only give me half a bone.


Just kidding! But I do love them! And by them I mean my parents and the dental bones! πŸ™‚ Here is a bit of information from Amazon about the checkups.

  • Dental dog treats
  • Wheat gluten free
  • Freshens breath
  • Reduces plaque by 25%
  • Reduces tarter by 62%

I’ve got two words for you about these treats. Yum! My!

Summing It Up

These three treats are my trifecta for the very best dental chews and bones around. I seriously can’t get enough of them. And it’s very important to keep your dog’s teeth as clean as you can. You guys see where we lick ourselves sometimes don’t you? It ain’t pretty amiright? Best to keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Especially when you consider how much we like to lick your face!

Plus, from what I read, dental disease can lead to trouble with your dog’s heart and other organs. You don’t want that! Not only would that be bad for us, those medical costs can get real expensive!

Oh, that reminds me, when it comes to that, you should definitely get health insurance for your pet. My parents have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for me, and you can read my Daddy’s full review of Healthy Paws if you click on this link below:

==>Product Review Healthy Paws Pet Insurance<==

Well, I think that’s about it for today. Be sure to click on any of the links above and get some dental chews and treats for your dogs right away. You’ll both be glad you did. And if you have any questions about any of these products, or if you have a brand of dental chews that your canine comrade prefers, please leave me a comment below. I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Until next time Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as β€œ-S” are written by Sacha himself.


12 thoughts on “Best Dental Treats for Dogs – Which Should You Get?

  1. Brandy

    Oh clever Sacha. You’re too smart for your own good. I’m glad you know how to take care of your teeth!
    My little guy has terrible teeth issues. I adopted him about 2 years ago after he lived his life in neglect. One of the very first things I did was take him in to get his teeth cleaned, and they, unfortunately, had to pull quite a few teeth. This year he had his teeth cleaned again and had to have another one pulled. His vet says he has some predisposition to oral and gum issues. This is sad because we spend time every other day brushing his teeth in between his vet cleanings.

    Well, because of his dental issues, the hard dental treats are really difficult for him to chew. Are there such things as dental treats that are soft for those senior pets out there? If so, do you have any recommendations? I know my little guy would love a reason to get extra treats!

  2. Tim


    I like how you review is with the dogs voice. This is very creative. It makes for great reading.

    Your review touched on everything. I also like how you incorporated images and links to click on for product.

    Your theme plugin is perfect for pet products. Your article is not busy with a lot of side promos.

    Thanks for letting me see your site.


  3. Gerleene G.

    Love the idea! This is a very important product to pet owners, so i know this is very helpful information! Our pets are our family so we want the best, which you have!, I would love to see more about your beautiful puppy and get to know his playful personality! Great post, keep them coming πŸ™‚

  4. Brianna

    This was adorable! It really is important to keep up with the dental health of our pets and this just reiterates that in an awesome way! I didn’t want to stop reading! Your pup is a smart one, he really knows the trick to getting those treats! lol

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Brianna, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, I can be a bit of a smarty pants at times. πŸ™‚

  5. Debra

    I like that these are gluten free and grain free, and I’m so glad people are finally understanding that they need to LOOK at the ingredients in pet foods and treats. I think these types of dental treats are great for dogs. I know the best thing is to actually brush their teeth, but in all my experience owning dogs I’ve never had one that would allow that. I have a friend, though, whose Husky would faithfully stand at the bathroom sink each day and let her brush his teeth! By the way, I love that this article is written from the dog’s point of view. Precious!

    1. Sacha Post author

      I agree Debra, I’m not a big fan of having my teeth brush. My parents have to take me to the Vet to get that done. I’ll stick with the dental chews I think! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Matt's Mom

    Both of my dogs are way too picky. One has been on a diet and he now has gotten a lot less picky LOL. He thinks he is hungry all the time and will eat dental chews. My other little guy will just not eat anything and he has a dental chew in his kennel that has just been sitting there. I might give these a try because the ones I have, he just won’t eat and he needs to be eating them LOL

  7. James

    Awesome review Sacha!
    You definitely know how to win your treats!
    I have an Australian Cattle Dog that I rescued from the pound about 3 years ago. She is the center of my world. I try to spoil her as much as I can. She has a lot of different types of treats.
    I have tried the Pedigree Dentastix, and the Dentastix biscuits. She loves both of these.
    How about the Checkups Dental Dog Treats? They don’t contain rawhide do they? She won’t touch it if it does.
    Thanks for the article. We enjoyed it very much!


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