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Dogs in the News – Shelter Dogs Find Homes for the Holidays!

This is such a wonderful, heartwarming story that I wanted to share it with all of our loyal readers here at The Smiling Samoyed. It’s about a dog adoption program called “Home for the Holidays.”

Basically, dogs were provided to families over the Thanksgiving weekend and of the 32 pooches that were lent out, only 7 were returned. That means 25 fur babies received new families! Congrats to the Hawkins County Humane Society shelter for this innovative idea!

Such a great story and I’m so glad it was successful. Hopefully this will inspire other organizations to do something similar. Please read the entire article by clicking here.

Stay warm! Get a Samoyed!


Thought Processes of Dogs – Cutting Edge Research Center Opens to Study

The Canine Cognition Center Open at the University of Arizona

I ran across an article this morning about the University of Arizona opening a new research center to help understand the canine mind, specifically their thoughts and behaviors. Understanding the thought processes of dogs sounds like a pretty amazing idea and I’m sure they’ll learn some very cool things.

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

The thoughts that my Samoyeds have is something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time. I’m sure this crosses the mind of most dog owners from time to time. Fortunately for readers of this blog, we have Sacha’s Diary to help give us an insight into the canine mind. Well, at least Sacha’s canine mind. 🙂 To read his latest diary entry, just click here.

It’ll be interesting to read about what kind of findings the new center at the University of Arizona reveals.

Until then, just stay tuned to this blog. 🙂


Dogs on the Bus – Amazon Launches Ride Share for Employees

The Dogs on the Bus Go Round and Round

I was reading this very cool article today that talked about how Amazon is launching a private shuttle for its Seattle employees to transport them to and from work. And employees will be able to take their dogs with them. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I want to commend Amazon and other companies who are going the extra mile to make things easier for dog owners. Dogs are a vital part of so many people’s lives, and we’re seeing progressive companies like this really try to improve the work life balance of their employees.

FetchFind is another forward thinking company that recently put out a recent blog series about Dogs in the Workplace that is definitely worth reading. I think things like this will continue to grow and get more important over time. Especially as the economy continues to improve and the competition stiffens for talented employees.

Smart employers know that smart employees like to have their dogs taken care of!

How to Find Lost Dog – There’s an App for That!

Cool New Technology to Help Find Missing Dogs

I read today online in The Daily Republic about this cool new social-media app called Finding Rover that helps owners locate their missing dogs. Now it’s even possible to find a lost dog with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Amazing!

I haven’t downloaded Finding Rover yet, but it sounds very cool. I’m for anything that can help reunite a dog with their pet parents if they somehow get separated. Recently, I blogged about micro-chipping your dog which I think is very important.

So check out my blog post about micro-chipping your dog, and also check into this new Finding Rover app to see if it may be right for you.

Your Furbaby will be glad you did!

Look at These Cute Samoyeds!

Samoyed Photos from The Web

I was bouncing around online today and I came across this fun post from BuzzFeed. It’s called “21 Pictures That Prove Samoyeds Are Perfect in Every Way,” which you can see if you click here. 

Just goes to prove the point that Samoyeds are the cutest dogs there are. And as cute as all those photos are from BuzzFeed, I think this lineup of Samoyeds may be the cutest.



Don’t you agree? 🙂






Dogs Rescued in Jefferson County, Arkansas Available for Adoption in Florida and Tennessee

Happy Friday everyone!

I read today on the Humane Society website that there are 46 dogs recently rescued in Jefferson County, Arkansas that are now available for adoption. These poor dogs were rescued from unsafe and unsanitary conditions and are now looking for pet parents that can love them and take care of them properly.

The dogs will soon be moved to Florida and Tennessee, where they look to be adopted. If you live in those states, or know somebody who does, please share this information with them. The organizations handling the adoption process in Florida and Tennessee are:

  • Florida: Alachua County Humane Society, Humane Society of Naples, Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Humane Society of Sarasota County, SPCA Tampa Bay, Tri-County Animal Rescue
  • Tennessee: Humane Educational Society

For the full article from the Humane Society website that contains all of the details please click here. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Where Would Your Dog Choose to Live? – Sacha’s Diary

Sacha’s Diary – July 28, 2016

Sacha Smiling

I Love City Living!

Dear Diary,

Today, daddy let me surf the internet and I saw this fun article today in New York Magazine that examines the best and worst cities to live in if you’re a dog.

This got me thinking. I’ve only ever lived in Chicago, and I love it, especially the winters! According to the article, there’s a Golden Retriever named Sporty here in Chicago who actually manages to walk himself. How crazy is that?!

I’m not allowed to walk myself, that sounds pretty dangerous. I wonder how Sporty does it? But check out those cool shades he’s wearing! I’m thinking maybe I should check out Hollywood one day! Don’t you think? I think I’d be the coolest Samoyed in LA. Amiright?

Although if you do live in a warm climate, be sure to read my daddy’s blog post about ways to keep your dogs cool in the heat. You can also check out his page of fun summer shopping ideas for your Samoyed or any other kind of dog.

Okay, now that the bills are paid. What do you guys think, tell me your favorite dog cities!

Until next time Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.


Dogs Abandoned on Hot Roof in New Jersey – Some People are Animals!

This story is just disgusting and horrifying. Two poor dogs were recently left abandoned on a tar roof in New Jersey that was so hot, the tar was literally bubbling. And they were left up there without any water! This literally makes me sick to my stomach.

The Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter in New Jersey’s largest city says it got a call about two dogs in severe distress on the rooftop Friday, and its officers found a pit bull and Yorkie frantically “dancing” in an effort to stop their paws from burning as temperatures soared to 96 degrees.

If your stomach is strong enough can read the whole story from NBC New York if you click here. Special shout out to The Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter whose officers went up to the roof and rescued them. Very happy and thankful that they did! According to the story, the dogs have received medical care and are now recovering. Lets hope these puppies fully recover and this story has a happy ending.

We’ve talked a lot recently about the importance of keeping your dogs cool in the summer so this seems like a good time to mention again the tips we’ve provided to help you do just that.

Also glad that somebody noticed these dogs were in distress and did the right thing by calling the proper authorities so they could be rescued. “See something say something” applies to situations like this as well.

Keeping Dogs Cool in Hot Weather – A Hot Topic

Keep it Cool Baby!

Sacha Chillin' by Fan

Sacha Chillin’ by the Fan

Regular readers of this blog know we spend a lot of time talking about the overall health and well being of Samoyeds. But of course, many of the things we discuss apply to all dog breeds.

With the mercury soaring outside, it’s very important you actively do things to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. I recently wrote a blog post about ways you can keep your dog cool which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

The New York Times is also giving this topic some much needed attention. There’s an article in yesterday’s Sunday edition I wanted to share with you called “Keeping New York Dogs Cool as the City Heats Up.” The article mentions many of the same things we discussed in our blog post such as the importance of keeping your dog’s feet cool and bringing water with you on your walks. These things are important everywhere, but particularly important if you live in a big city like I do.

To read the article from The New York Times, click here.

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Dog – How I Met My Brother

Sacha’s Diary – June 16, 2016

Deary Diary,

Me Smiling at the Harbor!

I was reading this article today about how you need to give your new dog some time to adjust when you introduce him into your home. And it got me thinking about my own experience and what is was like when I first arrived at my new home. I guess I didn’t realize that how to introduce a new dog to your dog was a huge challenge for my parents and everyone else involved.

It’s a day I’ll never forget! My mommy and daddy picked me up from the Samoyed breeder back in the Fall of 2011 when I was about 8 weeks old. So much of that day is a blur to me to be honest. I was such a little guy and my brain was just developing don’t forget. But I do remember how the day started with me being in a pen with a whole bunch of other puppies my age. That was like most days back then, me and my friends we would just play and poop, and play poop, all day long! Then the next thing I knew, I was with these two strangers who would become my parents, but I didn’t know that, or them, at the time. It was a little unnerving to be honest.

We got in their SUV (my first car ride!) and I remember my daddy holding me in this arms while my mommy drove. It was a long ride, and I remember being both excited and a bit anxious at the same time. Who are these people? Where are am I going? What about all of my friends back at the pen? Continue reading