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Gone Fishin!


Well not really fishin’, but I have been on a bit of a vacation. What?! Samoyeds need a vacation too sometimes you know. It’s not always easy being a dog. 🙂

In any case, it’ll be back to the grind for me after Labor Day. So please check back then for more blogs and updates.

Until then, have a great Labor Day Weekend everybody!



Rescue Dog Affirmed at Rapscallion to the Rescue Needs New Home – Attention Florida Readers!

Black Lab Needs New Home After Owner Slain

I was reading this incredible story today about an elderly dog named Affirmed in need of a new home. Please click on this link for the full details, but this story is so heart wrenching I needed to share it with my readers.

In short, a 15-year old black lab, named Affirmed, needs to find a new home after his 81-year old owner died after being violently beaten at his home during a robbery attempt.

I know right?! Absolutely horrific story! The poor man.

Fortunately for Affirmed, he is being taken care of at an animal shelter called Rapscallion to the Rescue in Levy County, Florida until a new home can be found for him.

Affirmed is said be very sweet and he must be so confused and sad, the poor thing. Let’s try to give him a happy ending at least! To learn more about how to adopt Affirmed, please visit Rapscallion to the Rescue.

Please spread the word to anyone you know in Florida who may be able to help!

Thank you!


Eight Samoyeds Adopted in Wisconsin – Well Done Wisconsin Humane Society!

Good News!

Learning that Eight Samoyeds Just Got Adopted Makes me Smile!

Learning that Eight Samoyeds Just Got Adopted Makes me Smile!

I was so upset reading about those poor dogs left on a hot roof in New Jersey that I blogged about yesterday, I wanted to share some good news today. Even if it’s old, which this is.

Still, it’s a great story about eight Samoyeds who were all adopted into permanent homes back in May courtesy of the Wisconsin Humane Society.

You can read up on all of the details at this FOX6News story if you click here. Lots of adorable photos of these beautiful Samoyeds and their new pet parents! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of meeting your new Samoyed family member for the first time. You can just tell that your life is going to filled with a whole new level of love.

In fact, as you may remember, Sacha, our 5-year old Samoyed, blogged about his experience when we first met him and brought him home. And the experience of meeting his big brother, our Samoyed Ramius, for the first time. If you missed it, you can read about his experience by clicking here.