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Sacha’s Diary, October 7, 2016



Dear Diary,

I’m so excited today I can hardly stand it!! Tonight, the Cubs open up the NLDS series at home against the San Francisco Giants. I cannot wait to watch the game!

My mommy and daddy live pretty close to Wrigley Field and they have season tickets. Which is good for them but sucks me because I don’t get to go to the games. Ever since that whole billy goat thing happened, the Cubs seem rather reluctant to let animals in the park. It’s okay, I get it.

Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!

But what my parents don’t know is that when they go to the games, I flip on the TV and watch the Cubs on TV. Yep! Pretty impressive don’t you think? Especially since I’m a Samoyed and don’t have opposable thumbs. Wanna know how I do it?! Yeah, I bet you do… 😉

Walking by Wrigley

I think my parents must somehow know how much I love the Cubs because they took me for a walk this morning down to Wrigley Field! I was so excited! It’s one of my favorite places to be in the whole world.

It wasn’t too crazy in the neighborhood just yet because this was about 9 hours before game time. But it sure will be crazy later tonight and tomorrow! My parents took me on a little stroll around the ballpark and I got to see a bunch of Cubs Hall of Famers! Well, not really see them, but I did get to see their statues.

For the NLDS the Cubs have put jerseys on all of the statues outside of the ballpark which is pretty cool. Our first stop was by the great Harry Caray who is just outside center field of the Budweiser Bleachers.

Mom and I by the Harry statue. Let me hear ya!

Mom and me by the Harry statue. Let me hear ya!

Of course you guys know who Harry is right? Hall of Fame Cubs broadcaster. He worked for a lot of different teams in his career but he didn’t achieve legendary status until he started working for the Cubs. We miss ya Harry!

After visiting Harry, we walked down Sheffield over towards Addison. My parents have their seats in right field so that’s where they enter the ballpark. On our way down there we met a nice security lady with the Cubs who just had to pet me.

I get it, I am super cute. So it’s hard to resist, and I like to take good care of my fans. 🙂

Anyway, we stopped by Gate D and I got my pictures taken with the statues of HOFers Ron Santo and Billy Williams. Ronnie used to call the radio broadcast for the Cubs games and he’s sorely missed. It’s also a shame that he never got see himself get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame even though it was his dream and he was very well deserving. He was voted in posthumously which really stinks. I would’ve like to see Ronnie get to be alive to enjoy the honor.

Next to Ronnie is the great Cubs right fielder and HOFer Billy Williams! Billy was my daddy’s favorite player when he was growing up. And then finally, we walked around to the front of the ballpark on Clark and Addison to visit the statue of Ernie Banks, the greatest Cubs of them all! Ernie passed away a few years ago. Makes me sad he’s not here to see what hopefully will be a successful Cubs playoff run. But I’m sure Mr. Cub will be here in spirit!

So here I am on my tour of Hall of Famers around Wrigley Field.

Billy Williams - My daddy's favorite!

Billy Williams – My daddy’s favorite!

Ronnie and me!

Ronnie and me!


Mr. Cub! The greatest of them all!

NLDS Rosters Set

Okay, so just to prove to you that I know my stuff, I want to offer a few pre-game thoughts. I love the way Joe Maddon has set the Cubs rotation for the NLDS. He’s got Jon Lester, and Kyle Hendricks at home to start things off. Two guys with legit Cy Young credentials who are both really tough to beat at home. For games 3 and 4 (if necessary), we’ve got last year’s Cy Young award winner Jake Arrieta going followed by John Lackey.

I like that rotation a lot, but I do feel bad for Jason Hammel. The man wins 15 games for the Cubs this year and he’s left of the NLDS roster. It’s tough, but I understand it. The Cubs will only use 4 starters this series, so there’s just no room for Jason. But I hope he stays ready as we may need him later.

In terms of position players, I’m glad to see Tommy La Stella make the roster. Hope he returns to his mid season form as he can be a really important left handed bat off the bench. Albert Almora gets his first stint on an MLB post-season roster at what would appear to be the expense of Matt Szczur. This is another tough one, but I think Joe made the right call. AT&T is a very spacious and Almora is one of the best outfielders in the Cubs system. Plus he’s got more speed and a better burst than Matt. Tough break for Matt, but maybe he’ll make it onto the NLCS roster if the Cubs get that far.

Paws crossed!!

I think I’ll be doing a little game recap in my diary for each Cubs game of the playoffs, so if you want a Samoyed’s take on baseball, be sure to come back often.

I also want to give a shout out to the best place on the web to find Cubs information and that’s at the Cubs Den Baseball Blog. It run by my daddy’s friend John Arguello and is a must read if you’re a Cubs fan. Be sure to visit them each day of the playoffs!

Okay, that’s all I can write for now. I’m so nervous!! If I had fingernails I’d be biting them!

If you’re cheering on the Cubs tonight, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you. No Giants fans allowed! 🙂

Let’s Go Cubs!!  Until next time, Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.

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