Cubs Woo! Cubs Woo! Cubs Woo! – Cubs Up 2-0 in NLDS

Cubs Giants NLDS Game 2 Recap – Sacha’s Diary October 10, 2016

Cubs #FlyTheW Last Night!

Cubs #FlyTheW Last Night!

Dear Diary,

Okay, truth be told I celebrated a little too much after the Cubs victory Saturday night and was too tired yesterday to do my recap. I believe you humans call it being ‘hungover’ or something like that. Well that’s what happened to me. Who knew you could get hungover on my Grandmas Homemade Dog Biscuits but there you go! 🙂

NLDS Game 2 Recap

So I’ll just say that obviously the Cubs 5-2 victory was awesome, but I enjoyed seeing two things in particular. First, watching Shark getting booted early from the game as I predicted might happen. Dog, Shark is just the gift that keeps on giving. First, the Cubs trade him to get Addison Russell, and now he gets blasted out of Wrigley in a playoff game. That hat tip? It’s for you Billy Beane!

The other thing I was glad to see was Joe Maddon’s handling of the bullpen. I got a little nervous watching on TV as Kyle Hendricks had to leave the game after getting hit by a batted ball (fortunately, it’s just a contusion). But Joe did a masterful job of managing the pen from there on out. Honestly, I think bullpen management is Joe’s Achilles Heel. He tends to over manage it sometimes and I was afraid he’d use up all seven relievers in regulation. Instead he went Wood (with a HR to boot!), Edwards, Montgomery, Rondon, and Chapman who gave up a combined zero runs. Well done fellas!

Looking ahead to Tonight

Tonight, the Cubs have a chance to sweep the Giants and the series in San Francisco. There’s two things I want to keep an eye on. First, I’ll bet that Jorge Soler gets the start in left field and the Cubs shift Bryant or Zobrist to right field in place of Heyward. I think Joe will want that extra right handed bat in the lineup against Mad Bum. Especially if Miggy catches Jake which could be the case.

The second thing I’ll be paying attention to is Jake himself. He’s struggled a bit in the second half, but he’s still a dominant pitcher. Still, it’s got to feel a bit strange to be last year’s clear #1, and Cy Young award winner to #3 in the Cubs rotation. And he’s up against Mad Bum so it won’t be easy. How will Jake respond? It’ll be interesting to find out.

My Brush with Cubs Celebrity Ronnie Woo-woo!

Me with mommy and Ronnie Woo-Woo

Me with mommy and Ronnie Woo-Woo

Before the game Saturday, my parents took me for another walk down to Wrigley Field. And look who we ran into? Cubs woo! Cubs woo! Cubs woo!

Ronnie is sort of a fixture around Cubs games and has been for decades. Here’s a picture of Ronnie with mommy and me. Truth be told, I was a bit more interested in my tennis ball. I am a Samoyed after all!

Tonight’s a big one, so be sure to come back tomorrow to catch my game recap. And if you’re a Cubs fan and would like to say something about the game, Ronnie Woo Woo, or this series, leave me a comment! I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Let’s Go Cubs!!  Until next time, Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.

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