Do Dogs Dream – Is Your Samoyed a Grouchy Sleeper?

The Sleeping Samoyed

Sacha Sleeping

Sacha Sleeping – Shhh!!!

lf you’ve ever wondered if your dog dreams, you’re not alone. I think the question, ‘do dogs dream?’ has crossed the mind of many pet parents at one point or another. You might hear your fur baby snore, breathe hard, twitch, groan, or make other strange sounds when they’re asleep. It’s only natural to wonder what’s going on.

Stanley Coren, Ph.D, a psychologist and expert on canine behavior published an article a few years ago that argues dogs definitely do dream. He certainly knows more about the subject than I do, but I think he’s right.

We’ve seen our three Samoyeds, Zoya, Ramius, and Sacha, all exhibit signs of dreaming from time to time.  When Ramius was still alive we’d often see him kicking his legs a little bit when we was fast asleep. He seemed so happy and content. My wife and I used to joke that Ramius was chasing rabbits again. Miss you so much Ramius! 🙁

We see signs of dreaming with Sacha too. But Sacha is a little different than his siblings in that he can sometimes be a downright grouchy sleeper! My apologies to you Sacha if you’re reading this post; you know daddy loves you! But boy, you do not like being disturbed when you’re asleep. NOT. AT. ALL.

Sometimes, if Sacha wakes suddenly out of a dream, he’ll growl and even snap on occasion. According to Dr. Coren, dogs tend to have the same sorts of dreams that humans do. They dream about their day, or things that happened in their life, or whatever. And while I’ll think it’s likely that Sacha is dreaming, I don’t get the sense he’s having nightmares. He’s usually quite peaceful even in a deep sleep.

But Sacha has a 6th sense about him or something and he does not like it when somebody steps over him. And Sacha makes this particularly difficult because he tends to sleep and lay down in places that are super inconvenient. A lot of the time we simply have no choice but to gently step over him. Bedroom doorway? There’s Sacha. Right in front of the bathroom? Yep…Sacha. Blocking the only path between the kitchen and dining room? Uh huh, there he is again. Positioning himself in directly in front of the staircase…well, you get the idea.

He doesn’t just do this when sleeping mind you, he does this all the time. You’d think since he doesn’t like to have people walk over him, he’d just scoot a few feet out of the way. But nope, not Sacha. Sacha’s got sit where Sacha’s gone sit.

We’ve been trying to figure this out, because this is not something that Zoya or Ramius ever did. They had the good sense to hang out in places that weren’t high traffic areas in the house. I don’t know, maybe it’s Sacha’s way of protecting us? Perhaps on on some level he thinks that if we can’t get by him easily, then nobody else can get by him easily to get to us. At least that’s my theory, and it’s a nice thought. I guess I’ll have to ask Sacha about that sometime. Maybe one day he’ll blog about it in his diary? 😉

Okay, back to sleeping. One thing we have noticed that if Sacha is sleeping in a particularly bad spot, and we have no choice but to wake him up to get around him, he doesn’t like that. Oh no. That’s when he tends to be quite grouchy and barky.

Which in a way, makes sense. If we agree with the theory that dogs dream like humans, well we all know what it’s like to be woken up from a bad dream right? It can be kinda scary and unsettling. I think the same thing happens to our Samoyeds and dogs in general.

If you do suspect your pooch is having a bad dream and you really want to get him out of it, I’d suggest trying to wake him up by voice. That way, you can keep a safe distance in he gets up suddenly and snaps.

In a way, it is a comforting notion to think that dogs are so similar to us that our dream patterns operate in a very similar way. Feels like that increases the bond between us and our fur babies even deeper. And I kind of like the idea that Sacha could be dreaming about running around a beautiful green field, playing in the dog park with his friends, or just sitting on the kitchen floor eating a mountain of crispy bacon!

I’m curious to hear from any of you fellow pet parents out there. What do you guys think? Do you think your dogs are dreaming? Do your fur babies do anything funny or interesting when they sleep? Are they ever grouchy sleepers like Sacha is? Please be sure to share any thoughts or stories you have by leaving a comment for us. One of us will be sure to get back to you. If not me, then definitely Sacha! 🙂

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Thanks for reading everyone. We’ll see you soon!

8 thoughts on “Do Dogs Dream – Is Your Samoyed a Grouchy Sleeper?

  1. sarah bun

    I’m a believer in animals dreaming too. One of my buns likes to cuddle with me as I nap, and there have been a precious few times where I’ve been aware of him falling asleep and twitching against me. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s dreaming!

    I’m glad there is an article validating this idea.

  2. Owain

    I have always wondered this as I see my dog shaking his leg while he is asleep. I believe that my dog does dream. But I wonder what about. He probably dreams about going for a walk or chasing a rabbit or catching a ball. I wonder if the same is true for a cat, or any pet or animal for that matter. An interesting post and question you have posed.

  3. Andy

    Hi, Mike. I am in complete agreement with you that dogs dream. I have four dogs, and I know for sure that three of them dream on a regular basis. They usually let out little whimpers and twitch when they’re dreaming. I like to think they’re dreaming about chasing a rabbit or something fun like that rather than being chased by a monster like my wife seems to suggest, but who knows? I have never had an issue with my dogs snapping or biting right when they wake up, so I will sometimes just gently start rubbing them until they wake up. Sometimes it takes awhile, which tells me they are probably in a deep sleep whenever they dream. Great post, BTW. Have a great day!

    1. Mike Post author

      Hey Andy. Wow, four dogs!! That must keep you busy! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for commenting.

  4. Simon

    Yeah, I’m convinced dogs dream just like us humans do. We used to have a Sheltie dog, Bonnie. When she was a pup, like your episodes she’d position herself after a hard day’s play in the most awkward of places, sleeping in doorways was her favourite location too making you step over her when leaving the room.

    We used to laugh wondering what she was dreaming about, one heck of a lot of twitches, legs running in mid air and whisper barks, she was dreaming there’s no doubt.

    Sacha can respond with pleasure, how many dogs are in your family?
    You’ve certainly brought laughable memories back for me with your article,

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for commenting Simon and I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Yeah it is funny to watch your dog sleep sometimes isn’t it? Sacha is our only dog now but we’ve had three. You can read more about our second fur baby, Ramius, and his battle with cancer by clicking here.


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