Do Dogs Know When You Leave? – Tips to Reduce the Stress

Sacha’s Diary, September 8, 2016

Dear Diary,

This past Saturday, my mommy and daddy left the house with a bunch of suitcases. And not only that, they had a friend of theirs, Ariel, staying over at the house the night before.

Sacha Chewing His Bone

Sacha Chewing His Bone

I know this pattern pretty well, and it always makes me nervous. When this happens, it means my parents are going out of town somewhere on a trip, and they’re not taking me with them. Usually, I go with them whenever we travel somewhere that’s close by, so if I’m not with them, they’re probably far away. This makes me sad 🙁

You see for me, I never know when they’re coming back. Is it the next day, next week, next month? I have no idea and it stresses me out! I know mommy and daddy are trying to tell me when they’ll be back, but you humans speak some sort of weird language and we Samoyeds never know what you’re saying. You frustrate me. Silly humans!

Anyway, there are some things I’d like to recommend to my readers out there that you can do to make things less stressful for your Samoyed while you’re out of town for a few days. All of these tips are things that work really well for me.

Sometimes Bored but Never Boarded

I know my parents are doing their best to make sure I’m comfortable when they’re away. It’s probably just as stressful for them as it is for me. I mean look at me! You don’t want to be far away from a Samoyed as cute as me, amiright humans?!

I'm So Cute Aren't I?

I’m So Cute Aren’t I?

One thing my parents always do for me is that when they leave, I stay at home, or at a family member’s house. I talk to some other dogs while I’m out walking occasionally, and some of them actually stay in a kennel or something like that. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I don’t think I’d like it.

It’s stressful for me when they both leave at the same time, so I feel much more comfortable being at my own home and in familiar surroundings. It’s also okay if they bring me to my grandparent’s house, or one my auntie’s or something like that. But being in a kennel in strange surroundings without knowing anyone…I don’t think I’d like that!

I’m not judging and I know sometimes that just can’t be avoided. I get it. And I know there are lots of great kennels out there too. Who knows, maybe one day, my parents won’t have another option and I’ll have to be in a kennel for a few days while they’re away. And maybe I’ll even enjoy it! It could be an adventure. But until that happens, I’m glad to be right here at the house while they’re traveling. 🙂

It’s Kinda Fun When They’re Away Too!

Truth be told, and if you’re reading this please don’t say anything to my parents, but it’s kinda fun being here without them too. Especially if they can get a super fun dog sitter to take care of me while they travel!

As I mentioned, my parents had their friend Ariel stay here to take care of me. I had only met Ariel once before so my parents asked her to come over Friday night and spend the night in the guest bedroom. This is something they always do whenever they leave. That way, when my parents take off in the morning with all of their suitcases, I’m not all by myself and stressed out. In this case, Ariel was here with me. I liked that very much.

And Ariel is super cool and so much fun! She plays with me, pets me,  and throws around the tennis ball which I love. And she takes me for a walk every day.

Most fun of all, is that she gives me LOTS of treats! I’m pretty good at working that angle when my parents aren’t around. I’ll hang out by the treat closet and just bark and bark until she gives in and I get my favorite dental bones, or grandma treats.

So pet parents, make sure that whoever watches the fur baby while you’re away is lots of fun and will give us lots of attention. And if possible, make sure they know your dog already or at least get a chance to meet them before you leave. That helps us dogs deal with things better until you get back home. It does for me at least.

And whether my parents have a dog sitter at the house, or if they take me to a family member’s place instead, they always give that person a list of key contact numbers. This is important so pay attention pet parents! Make sure your sitter has the names and phone numbers of your local veterinary office, and if one is in your area, the emergency pet hospital. Of course, make sure the list includes the contact information for the pet parents, family members, friends nearby, etc.

Also, make sure they have the phone numbers of anybody who has a spare key to your place in case the sitter locks herself out of the house. That happened once before but fortunately, our dog walker was able to come over to the house and let her back in. Another thing you could consider is getting one of those combination lock boxes that people use to keep keys outside. And if you’re leaving the car at home, give your sitter the keys in case of a doggie emergency.

FaceTime With Your Pooch!

One thing that my parents and Ariel did which I really like is that they’d FaceTime with me every day! I don’t know what FaceTime means exactly. But I do know that I get to see and hear my parents on Ariel’s phone and they get to see and hear me. I get really excited when this happens! Makes me feel like mommy and daddy aren’t that far away after all and will be back soon. Though of course, I never know when.

But still, I guess it’s the next best thing until they return. So let me give that piece of advice to any of you pet parents out there. If you can do that FaceTime thing daily with your fur baby, it helps a lot! I know I feel better. And to my fellow canine comrades out there, if you’re reading this, make sure to tell your parents about it! Just hearing your parents voice and maybe getting a glimpse of them sure helps. If you don’t have a smartphone, try Skype or even a simple phone call. Just make sure it’s on speaker!

Keep My Routine the Same

The last thing I want to suggest is that you keep my routine the same as you possibly can. So ask your sitter to try and take you out at about the same times every day that you’re used to, and to feed you at the same time as well.

If you have a dog walker, have him continue to walk your pooch as normal. Oh, and be sure to read my daddy’s blog about dog walkers and his review of Cruisin’ Canines, who walks me. Jack is my regular dog walker these days, and he’s another familiar face that I get to see when my parents aren’t around. Jack walked continued to walk me each day my parents were gone.

I appreciate that my mommy and daddy ask whoever is taking care of me to help keep things as familiar as possible and my routine as regular as it can be. Makes a big difference. And keeps my happy. And we all want a happy Sacha right?!

Travel is Necessary So Keep These Tips in Mind

I may not like it, but I do understand that sometimes mommy and daddy both have to be gone at the same time and are unable to bring me with them. Somebody has to bring home the bacon around here amiright?! So during those times when you are forced to travel without your dog, keep these helpful tips handy:

  • Have a dog sitter stay at your home. Or drop your pooch off with a family member.
  • If you can get a dog sitter, get one who really loves your pooch and make sure they know each other. Have them stay over the night before you leave if possible.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers for all important contacts.
  • Make sure somebody nearby has a spare key to let your sitter inside if necessary. Or get one of those lock boxes.
  • FaceTime with your dog every day when you’re out of town.
  • Keep your dog’s routine the same.
  • Leave the sitter a set of your car keys in case of an emergency.

Whoa! Wouldn’t you know it! Just as I finished this blog post my mommy and daddy just came through the door! Yay! I’m so happy now, the whole family is back together again!! Woo-hoo!

If you’ve got some helpful tips about leaving your dog when you travel, please be sure and leave me a comment. I’ll definitely get back to you. Okay, I’ve got to go play with my parents now, until next time Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.

2 thoughts on “Do Dogs Know When You Leave? – Tips to Reduce the Stress

  1. Linda Bath

    I love Sacha! What a great post with a lot of great pointers for leaving my fur baby when I travel. If I can’t take my buddy, Molly, with me I always have someone she knows stay with her. Another tip I have been alerted to is make sure all the lost and found information is updated with the micro-chip and tags. My sister works at a pound and sees lost pets brought in all the time without the updated information, especially in regards to the owners current phone number. We never think our fur baby will get lost, but it does happen.
    I am book marking your site so I can return to it.
    Best wishes


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