Dog Cooking Appliances & Gadgets

Cooking Appliances & Gadgets For Homemade Dog Food Recipes

From time to time, we’ll be posting some of our favorite homemade dog food recipes to the blog. This page is a collection of the particular appliances and gadgets used in those recipes.

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Homemade “Grandma Treats” – Dog Biscuit Recipe

You can read the recipe for Sacha’s favorite dog treat by clicking here. These are some of the appliances and gadgets used to make them.

KitchenAid Mixer

This is the mixer Grandma Carole uses that “goes in seconds” when making this recipe.

Cookie Cutters

Just a couple of dog boned shaped cookie cutters to choose from. Sort of a standard bare boned (excuse the pun) option on top followed by a variety pack below it.

Microchip Pet Feeder

There are lots of cool gadgets that are comparable with a pet microchips which you have read about in Sacha’s Diary. This microship bowl feeder is one of them. It helps make sure that your pet gets the right food for him, which could be really important if they’re on a special diet.

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