Dog Diapers – Puppy Pads that are Good for Dogs with Incontinence

Dog Diapers – Ramius’s Favorite Brand 

If you’ve been reading our retrospective series about Ramius’s fight with cancer, you’ve seen how bravely he dealt with radiation treatments. One of the side effects though was that he had “Juicy Booty,” meaning his poop was soft and would tend to leak out.

Which in the grand scheme of things really isn’t that big of a deal. But, you’ll want some sort of a diaper for your pooch to keep your house and car clean. Along with your pup of course.

Ramius smiling. His diaper like the one you see here became ubiquitous.

Ramius smiling. His diaper like the one you see here became ubiquitous.

Having far too much experience with this than we care to remember, we recommend purchasing these diapers which you can get at Amazon. They’re relatively inexpensive which is great, because you tend to go through a lot of them. Ramius always found them to be comfortable and they’re easy to slide underneath him. When soiled, you just fold them up and toss them in the garbage, and then replace with a clean one. That’s it. Easy Peezy.

We’ve talked a lot about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance before. And, as great as that is, things like diapers are actually something that isn’t covered by insurance. So getting diapers at a good price becomes paramount.

Great for Incontinence Too

As Ramius’s battle with cancer continued, he eventually became incontinent towards the end of his life. These diapers work great for absorbing pee as well. Though if your dog is as big as Ramius was, 90lbs, you’ll need to double up on them. Which is another reason why the cheap price is key.

You’ll have to excuse the brevity of this particular recommendation. If you’ve read my product reviews in the past you know how thorough and thoughtful they are. But in this case, I mean really, how much can you say about doggie diapers?

These diapers are good, inexpensive, and do the trick. Really, what more information do you need? Click on the link below to purchase them now.

4 thoughts on “Dog Diapers – Puppy Pads that are Good for Dogs with Incontinence

  1. Marlinda Davis

    Wow, this post was a real eye opener for me. Not only did I learn about how awesome these diapers are but also about the struggles of dog cancer. I actually did not know there was such a thing as dog diapers. When one of my dogs got a really bad worm infection and couldn’t hold here bowels, I modified human baby diapers which didn’t workout so good for bowel movements. Wish I knew this information back then but I’m glad I know it for the future. tfs and I’m so sorry your precious pup had to go through this struggle.

  2. Rina

    I sure wish I came across this article back when my dog got really sick about a year ago. It was very sad and we had messes everywhere. Thanks for the info and I will surely remember these doggie diapers. I wish all the luck with your special pup. Thank You


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