Dog Sneezing – Allergies? Worth a Vet Visit?

Sacha’s Diary – October 20, 2016

Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!

Dear Diary,

So…I’ve been sneezing a lot these last few days. And really, I don’t know why. I don’t feel bad and I seem to have all my energy. I’m eating my dog food, drinking my water, and everybody keeps telling me my poops are good; though I am a good pooper 🙂

But for whatever reason, I’ve been sneezing like a sneeze farm lately. Daddy didn’t seem to be too worried about it. He thinks I might have an allergy or something. It’s been really warm here in Chicago and we haven’t had a frost or anything like that yet. So any kind of dust or pollen that can make you sneeze is still out in the air.

But mommy has been worried about me and wanted to take me to the Vet. I don’t mind going to the Vet, they’re very nice and always give me lots of pets and attention. But that said, if I had my choice, I’d rather go play in the dog park. Who wouldn’t right?

But Sunday night was the final straw for mommy. It was a warm night in Chicago so my parents had the windows open. And I pretty much sneezed ALL NIGHT LONG. I couldn’t stop and I know I kept my parents up half the night. If you’re reading this, sorry about that mommy and daddy!

Time to Visit The Vet

My Brother Ramius - I Miss Him

My Brother Ramius – I Miss Him

So the next morning, we hopped in the car and headed over to the Vet’s office. Mommy gets really worried because my brother Ramius passed away earlier this year. And if you haven’t read our retrospective series about his battle with cancer, you really should. Makes me cry a little. I miss my brother so much. So nowadays, mommy fears the worst with every little thing wrong with me. She’s silly, but I know it’s because she loves me. Love you mommy!

Anyway, she’s taking no chances these days so off we went. First we sat in the main waiting room, and then after a little while, they took us into another smaller waiting room. Why do I have to sit in a large waiting room only to be moved to a smaller waiting room? I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, you humans are very bizarre…

But after a short while, the veterinarian came into the small office where my parents and I were hanging out. My mommy and daddy explained to him what was going on with me and then he asked them some questions.

  1. Was I coughing? Nope, just sneezing.
  2. Was there any discharge coming out of my nose? Nope, no discharge.
  3. Any blood? No, no blood either.
  4. Was I eating normally? Yes.
  5. Drinking normally? Uh-huh.
  6. Pooping normally? I covered that already, but yes.
  7. How was my energy level? Good, strong, playful, same as usual.

These all seemed to be good signs. The doctor looked me over pretty good and checked my vital signs. He also checked to see if there was any blockage in either of my nostrils by holding up a little mirror right in front of my nose. When it fogged up under each nostril, he knew my nasal passages were clear. Pretty clever that doctor is!

Then, the last thing he had to do was take my temperature. This gets a little…awkward amirite? I mean I can’t hold a thermometer underneath my tongue so…you know what the other option is for taking an accurate temperature don’t you?? Yep.  #TMI #NotFun

What To Do Next?

The good news was that after taking my temperature, the Vet told my parents that it was normal. Whew! So, now he said we could do one of three things in terms of next steps:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Put me on an antibiotic.
  3. Prescribe an antihistamine for my sneezing.

Well, no way my mommy was going to choose the “do nothing” option so that was out of the question. And since I didn’t have a fever, putting me on an antibiotic didn’t make a whole lot of sense either. So, the veterinarian prescribed some antihistamines for me. And even though I’ve only been on them for a day or so, my sneezing has already gone down significantly. Woo-hoo!

Guess maybe I do have an allergy after all? Who knew?!

Regular readers of this blog may have read my daddy’s post about whether or not it makes sense to get pet health insurance (Spoiler Alert: It does!), and also his review of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, which is what my family has to protect me. Well really, it protects my parents pocketbook as much as anything else. And it covers prescription medications, so you know those antihistamines the Vet prescribed? Yep…covered! 🙂

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Take No Chances – Go to the Vet!

Even though it turns out there was nothing seriously wrong with me, It was definitely the right call for my parents to take me to the Vet. Why take any chances right?

Even though I was sneezing, there wasn’t any discharge or blood coming out of my nostrils (so gross!), which is good. And I also didn’t have a cough. But the Vet said that if I was coughing, or it there was blood or mucus coming from my nose, that could be a sign of a serious problem. If your fur baby is experiencing that, I urge you to take them to the veterinarian ASAP!

The other thing to watch out for is the canine flu, which we definitely have here in Chicago. Basically, the signs that your dog may have the flu are pretty similar to what humans suffer. If your dog is lethargic, not eating, coughing, vomiting, or has diarrhea, or any of the other yucky flu symptoms, please give your Vet a call. Especially if your pooch is in frequent contact with other dogs in the neighborhood. The canine flu is very serious so if you suspect your pooch may have it, get him over to the Vet ASAP!

Well, I think that’s about all I got for today. If your pooch is sneezing and you suspect he may allergies, please share a comment with us. We’ll be sure to get back to you.

Until next time Mr. Diary!


P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.

10 thoughts on “Dog Sneezing – Allergies? Worth a Vet Visit?

  1. Christen

    Hey great post! Glad to hear it turned out to be a minor allergy problem and nothing serious! Sorry to hear about your big bro. 🙁 My pup (well, not really a pup anymore at 15!) has allergies too! But his are mostly skin allergies. We have to put special creams on his little paws, otherwise they itch so bad he chews on them until they bleed! Poor little dude. Hope the antihistamine is working well for you and you’re feeling better!

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Christen! And yes, I am feeling much better thank you. I’m sneezing far less than I was. Hope your pooch feels better too!

  2. Cavy Clicker

    What a lovely article!I love how it is written from the point of view of your dog Sacha! It gives it a unique touch! Haha don’t worry Sacha, our dog Hemi hates having his temperature taken too, although he tends to growl at the vet! I bet you’re nicer then that!
    I wonder what the allergy was caused by!?

  3. Momma Bear

    I’m so happy to hear that it was just sneezing and that everything turned out to be okay! I’m a pet parent as well and so spend a lot of time worry about whether anything is wrong with every little shiver or sneeze. Hopefully those antihistamines will continue to work so you can help cheer the Cubs on to a World Series victory! Keep your paws crossed!

  4. Sy Ahad


    I met Ur mom and dad with you on Buena by the library. I was in the wheelchair and you came over to say Hi. I know my little girls Valentine & Qpid would have loved you and I’m sure they are playing with your brother in Doggy Heaven. Have a great week baby boy. xoxo YoGuySy

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Sy! Please always stop me to say hello. I love being petted! And yes, I’m sure my brother Ramius and sister Zoya are playing with Valentine & Qpid in Doggie Heaven. See you around the neighborhood!


  5. Rosa

    Hi Sacha,

    So glad it turned out well for your little pooch….sad to hear about Ramius. I love the way you wrote out your content like you’re actually conversing with us, great! It’s very helpful to know the signs or symptoms you provided here on your site to keep us on the lookout on our pets, thanks. I hope your fur baby gets better and overcome that sneezing. The best to you…have a good one!


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