Dogs that are Good Kids – Or Should I Say with Kids

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Sacha’s Diary July 11, 2016

Time for me to Make the Diary!

Dear Diary,

Haha! See what I did there? I put “dogs that are good kids” in the blog post title. Now what I obviously meant to say is dogs that are good with kids. We Samoyeds are cute, but we’re not too good with the grammar sometimes. And I know I should change the title of the post, but it’s kinda funny so I think I’ll just leave it πŸ™‚

Back to you Mr. Diary. This last week, I got to spend time up at our cottage in Wisconsin. Let me tell you, all of this blogging is tiring and I really needed the break! You know what that’s like, amiright friends?!

Well a week or so up on the lake was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I love just hanging out our porch, enjoying the nice summer breezes, maybe even having a cold beverage or two. I don’t know why but my the water just seems to taste better out of my bowl up there.Β 

And then of course, I like to spend some time on the lake on our pontoon boat. Here’s a picture

Me on the Pontoon Boat

Me on the Pontoon Boat

of me riding the waves. My parents never let me on the pontoon boat though without the proper safety equipment and for me, that includes a doggie life jacket. If you click here, you can see a whole bunch of cool doggie life jacket options to choose from.

As I was saying, I go up with my mommy and daddy to our cottage lots of times over the summer, but usually it’s just the three of us. But this last week, in addition to my parents, my grandma, grandpa, & my cousin Lauren came up too. And Lauren even brought a friend up with her named Ella.

Oh boy! Fun times!!

Whenever a bunch of people, including new people and kids get together with me, everyone wants to know how we’ll get along. My parents always get asked if Samoyeds are the type of dogs that are good with kids (did it right this time). Well I sure think we are but lets talk about it!

Are Samoyeds Good With Kids?

Before I dive too far into this question, I have to say, KIDS ARE LOUD! GEEZ! Are they always that loud, is it just like a summer vacation thing? And they get so wound up about the silliest things!! How do you parents deal with that? Good thing I have lots and lots of patience! Woof!

Anyway, even though they’re loud, I also get excited when kids come to play with me. They think I’m so cute and fluffy looking (and who am I to argue) and they spend lots of times petting me. Yay! I love attention!

But I also know to be very calm and patient around them too. I’m a big boy, about 90lbs, so I can seem pretty intimidating to some people. And make no doubt, if somebody tries to mess with my parents or any member of my family, I get very protective. VERY protective.

Me hanging out in the kitchen with Ella & Lauren

Me hanging out in the kitchen with Ella and Lauren

But when it comes to fun times, I love people and being around them. Young, old (like my parents), older (like my grandparents), it makes no difference to me!

I like being around the kids and they seem to like being around me too. Here’s a picture of me, Lauren, and Ella in the cottage kitchen. You can see how happy they are to be hanging out with me! Can’t blame them really, I get this a lot. πŸ™‚

And though I had lots of fun with the kids, it gets tiring! I needed to go off by myself in the bedroom just to hang out and have some Sacha time. So just keep that in mind if you have a Samoyed, sometimes we need a break from the kids too! πŸ™‚

Most of the time when we were together, the girls would pet me and even throw the tennis ball around. I LOVE the tennis ball! But this one day, Lauren and Ella came at me with brushes in their hands. Uh-oh! Now, I recently blogged about the importance of being groomed and brushed, and my dad posted the name and picture of the FURminator, which is the brush that our groomer recommends for me; but this was a little unexpected!

But…I was a good sport about it, and after trying to evade them for a couple of minutes, I eventually settled down and let them brush me. I know my parents are always concerned about the ugly tics that we see by the lake in Wisconsin, and brushing me regularly is a good way to keep them from digging into my fur. Not that’s an easy task when you have lots of thick

Feeling Pretty Relaxed After My Brushing.

Feeling Pretty Relaxed After My Brushing.

fur like I do, but better to be safe than sorry. Amiright?!

The kids were pretty gentle as they brushed me which is very important. And after a while, it actually started to feel good and I got so relaxed I had to take a nap afterwards as you see here.

Samoyeds and the Grandparents

My grandparents also visited with us last week, and I always like spending time with them. My grandma likes to spoil me by making these awesome dog biscuits out of bacon grease. Yum! I’ll ask her for the recipe and post that for you guys later in the week.

My grandpa doesn’t move around as good as he used to, but I know he likes to pet me, so I’ll curl up next to him on the coach from time to time. He seems to enjoy that. He’s pretty perceptive too, because a few times during the week he asked me if I missed my brother Ramius.

Ramius Smiling

My Brother Ramius. I Miss Him!

Sometimes you humans surprise me with how you much know. How did he know that?! It’s been about 6 months since Ramius passed away and boy oh boy I sure do miss my big brother. πŸ™

Anyhow, it was a great vacation and I had lots of fun and got lots of love and pets from everybody. I like that!

Back to the Grind

But like everything else in life, all good things must come to an end. My parents and I drove back home to Chicago Sunday afternoon to get ready for the work week.

And here I am, blogging away first thing Monday morning. I’m very dedicated to my job, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

But to sum things up, I sure do seem to get along great with children and grandparents. I can’t speak for all Samoyeds of course, but I know the same thing was true of my brother Ramius and sister Zoya. All three of us love being with people. And from what I’ve read out there, I think Samoyeds have a pretty good reputation for getting along with members of the family.

So allow me to leave you with one small bit of advice when you bring family members, especially children, into contact with your Samoyed. Just be patient with them. They get excited, jump around, and want to play. They’ll pant, they’ll drool, they’ll be loud, but eventually they’ll calm down and settle in.

That goes for both kids and grandparents! πŸ˜‰

Until next time, Mr. Diary!

– S

P.S. Remember, all posts signed off as β€œ-S” are written by Sacha himself.


4 thoughts on “Dogs that are Good Kids – Or Should I Say with Kids

  1. Alvin972016

    I enjoyed reading your dairy Sacha.
    I love dogs. I never owned a Samoyed before but your story taught me a lot about how to raise furry dog because I have 2 mixed breed golden retriever with terrier dog sisters and their stamina is just outstanding I am getting exhausted nearly everyday! I am thinking of how much walk do you need to take in a day to feel satisfied?
    Oh one more thing. When your parents found ticks on your body, how do they deal with it? Squish it, burn it, throw it out and drown it? Do you show any signs when you have ticks on your body? Is scratching yourself few times a day normal or is a signs of ticks?
    Until then. looking forward to hear more of your stories.

  2. Frank

    Hi there!!
    I really liked so much this post. It’s a very creative way to give information. I don’t know who should I talk with, Sacha maybe? Or she uses somebody to write down into her diary? πŸ™‚
    I had doubts about this breed, in regard with children, but you cleared it all up.
    I had thought that this breed wouldn’t be a good choice for children, but I realized that all depends on how you interact with your dog and the way they interact with children. (They must learn to interact to each other).
    I look forward to read more about Sacha’s diary.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Suzette

    Hello you beautiful Sacha. Thank you for sharing your vacation time adventures with us. It sounds to me like your breed is a very good family breed. You know, sometimes us humans don’t always take such things into consideration when adding a new member to our family’s. It sounds to me like you did good with the kids and their parents taught them well to respect you as well.

    Our family does not do any boating but the items you showed in the diary are special items to keep you safe. Do you also wear a safety device while riding in the car?

    I have always wondered about your thick coat. Does it make you very hot in the summer months?

    I am very sorry to hear about your brother and sister. It is hard losing a family member and for us animal lovers, that is certainly what you kind is to us.

    1. Sacha Post author

      Why thank you Suzette! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my Diary. And yes, my parents do have a safety device to buckle me up in the car made by Vastar. You can find this device if you CLICK HERE and scroll down to the bottom. Also, if you go to the same page, you can find a number of things my parents use to keep me cool in the summer. I sure do get hot sometimes with my fur coat, but these things help. I especially like my doggie cooling bed! πŸ™‚ If you pick up any of these things, please come back and tell my daddy and me what you thought of them. Thanks!


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