Fromm Dog Food Reviews – Is Fromm Right for Your Samoyed?



Sacha’s Ideal Breakfast

I’m sure if we asked Sacha what to feed him (hey, maybe we will!), he’d tell us to feed him a nice plate of bacon like this every day. But…that’s probably not the most healthy & nutritious option we can come up with for him. Sorry Sacha!

Bacon Makes Me Happy!

One of the most vexing questions pet parents need to answer is what kind of dog food is best for their pooch. And the dog food manufactures certainly do their best to make it as confusing as possible for us don’t they? Should we feed our dogs dry food or wet food? Grain free or not grain free? Is your dog active or inactive? Large breed or small breed?

Adult…? Puppy…? Mature adult…?


We get it! The manufactures are telling us they can mass produce the perfect dog food for any specific dog breed, age, activity level, size, gluten preference, and eye color (okay I made the last one up).

Well we know that’s not really economically feasible right? So today I’m going to try and simplify things a bit and give my thoughts on a few of our favorite kinds of dog foods. I’m going to start with some Fromm dog food reviews, as they’re the brand we currently use for Sacha.

Fromm Dog Food – Grain Free

Grain Free Fromm Beef

Fromm Beef Fritta Veg Grain Free

Where to Buy Online:

Varieties:  Lots

Bag Sizes: Also Lots

My Rating: 5 out of 5

I have to say, I really love this company and I think they make a great food for Samoyeds. I’m sure they’re good for whatever breed of dog you have in fact.

Fromm is family owned and based out of Wisconsin, and they place a tremendously high emphasis on product quality, nutritional value, and food safety. They never use any artificial preservatives including ethoxyquin. Because of their emphasis on food safety and nutrition, none of their ingredients comes from China. To ensure quality control, they’ve installed HACCP (Healthy Analysis & Critical Control Points) programs in their manufacturing plants.

Plus, they offer an enormous variety of food flavors, and I think this is really critical. Imagine if you only got to eat one flavor of food, morning and night, for every day of your life. It’d get pretty boring wouldn’t it? Yet if you feed your pet the same food every single day (I’ve been there, we used to do this), It can get really old for them really fast.

Additionally, we find that it’s good to rotate the proteins for your dog’s overall health. Dog foods made with beef obviously provide different sorts of nutrients than those dog foods made with other proteins like salmon, chicken, duck, and so forth.

Fromm offers many different grain free flavors including:

  • Beef Frittata Veg
  • Game Bird
  • Hasen Duckenpfeffer (fans of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons will appreciate this flavor!)
  • Lamb & Lentil
  • Pork & Peas
  • Salmon Tunalini
  • Surf & Turf (yep, even your pooch can enjoy some good surf & turf every now and then!)

We’ve tried every single one of these flavors and our Samoyeds love them! As I mentioned we use the Fromm Grain Free entrees currently with Sacha and we also used it with Ramius too. For our Samoyeds, they seemed to respond really well to the food and we know they’re getting good nutritional value.

When we had two dogs, we’d actually buy two of their biggest bags (the 26 pounders) in different flavors and mix them up to give the dogs a nice variety. This helps keep your dogs interested in eating their food and gets them the benefits of the nutrients from many different proteins. Then the next time we’d buy food we’d get a different flavor and rotate all of them in that way. Variety is the spice of life, even for dogs!

Fromm Dog Food Containing Grain

Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato

Where to Buy Online:

Varieties:  Lots

Bag Sizes: Also Lots

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Grain free foods have become very popular lately, but it seems to be a matter of debate whether or not they’re healthier than dog foods that do contain grain. Prior to using the grain free Fromm, we fed Ramius & Sacha Fromm dog food that contained grains like the bag you see here on the right.

Proponents of grain free food claim it’s a healthier diet for dogs. And it’s true, many dogs do very well with a grain free diet. But many dogs also do well with a diet that contains grains. The best thing overall, whether grain free or not, is to make sure you’re feeding them food that gives them a complete and balanced diet. It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian too to get their opinion.

As I said, we used to use Fromm’s grain free variety and quite frankly, our Samoyeds loved this dog food too. I think for us personally, we just felt that since dogs didn’t really evolve eating grains, and we have an option to buy food without them, why not? Is it really better for them without the grains? I don’t know. But Sacha is really digging it so we’re going to stick with grain free for now.

Anyhow, onto the review. This product is also made by Fromm and I’ve already told you how I feel about them. Like the grain free varieties, Fromm offers tons of different options containing grain including:

The only reason I gave this a 4.5 out of 5 is because of our personal preference for avoiding grains in their food. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Fromm!!

Eukanuba Dog Food


Eukanuba Adult Dog Food

Where to Buy Online: Petco

Varieties:  Lots

Bag Sizes: Also Lots

My Rating: 4 out of 5

We used to use Eukanuba exclusively and it’s also a very fine dog food. The word Eukanuba itself evolved out of the jazz culture in 1940s America and it was used to describe something that was considered to be supreme or the best. Eukanuba is owned by Mars, Inc. who purchased the brand from Proctor & Gamble back in 2014. Eukanuba is manufactured in Ohio and although they use mostly American ingredients, I have read that some of their ingredients do come from China.

They offer many different different varieties, but most of their varieties are more about the size and age of your dog. They do offer some different proteins and flavors like chicken and lamb, but their favor selection isn’t nearly as vast as Fromm.  Eukanuba varieties include things like:

  • Adult Dry Food
  • Large Breed Puppy Food
  • Breed Specific Adult Labrador Retriever Dog Food
  • Senior Small Breed Dog Food

Again, Eukanuba is a very solid dog food and a popular brand. And for good reason! The reason for our switch wasn’t because of anything necessarily wrong with Eukanuba, it’s just that my wife and I really love Fromm. But if you’re looking for a solid dog food choice for your Samoyed, Eukanuba certainly fits the bill.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Adult Dog Food

Where to Buy Online:

Varieties:  Lots

Bag Sizes: Also Lots

Amazon User Rating: 4.4 out of 5

I’ve never tried Blue Buffalo Dog Food (coincidentally our Samoyeds haven’t either), but I wanted to give them a quick mention. I’ve always been intrigued by this dog food, but maybe that’s because I like the packaging. 😉

Blue Buffalo, like Fromm, is a family owned company. BLUE provides food that is natural, healthy, and holistic, just like the food you’d want to feed your family. And, if you’ve read this far you’re certainly someone who treats their dogs like they’re family members. All BLUE dog foods include grain, and we talked about that earlier. Their varieties include things like:

Again, I’ve never tried Blue Buffalo, but it looks like a very good, solid option. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them if I was seeking an alternative to Fromm.

Food Storage Container – Boots & Barkley

Dog Feeding Storage 50 lb - Boots & Barkley

Dog Feeding Storage 50 lb – Boots & Barkley

Where to Buy Online: Target 

Sizes: 50lb, 25lb, 10lb

My Rating: 5 out 5

Now that you’ve done your research and decided upon the right food for your dog, you’ve got to store it properly. Don’t be that guy who folds up the open dog food back on itself and tries to keep it closed with a plastic clip.

We use a Boots & Barkley storage container which you can get at and it’s terrific. It’s sturdy, and it’s air tight to keep out dust, bugs, and critters (canine or otherwise).

Plus, the 50lb item is ON WHEELS which makes it very convenient to move it in and out of your way.

Summing it All Up

As we’ve discussed, there are tons of dog food options out there and it can be very confusing for pet parents. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality dog food manufactures like those mentioned above who can give your dogs the healthy diet they need.

And don’t forget, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you only feed your dog food that is safe, well balanced, high quality, and nutritional. That’ll help keep your best friend happy and healthy!

Hope this review has been helpful! If you use any of these foods, or other dog foods, and you have something you’d like to share, please leave a comment! I’ll be sure to get right back to you.

15 thoughts on “Fromm Dog Food Reviews – Is Fromm Right for Your Samoyed?

  1. Jim

    Really thorough and thoughtful write-up about dog foods. I thought your reviews were very fair. I have dogs but was not familiar with the Samoyed breed.

  2. Pete

    Great information on dog foods here. We own a small italian greyhound and try to do the best we can for here. There are so many dog food options out there though, and it can be difficult really understanding what’s good and what’s not. We feed ours Pure Balance grain free dog food. Do you know if that’s a good one for her? She’s small at about 10 lbs. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks Pete! And Italian greyhounds are really cute, I’m sure you’re doing right by her. I confess I don’t know much about Pure Balance but they do seem to be a reputable company from what little I know about them. I’d give your veterinarian’s office a quick call in the morning and ask what they think. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Barbra

    I found your article to be very helpful. Buying pet food can be so confusing because the higher priced food may not be the best choice the cheapest not always the best either. Also, there is no real regulation with pet food like there is with human food. I agree with you if Zeus and Angel had their choice they would eat bacon all day too. hahaha great article I will be checking out your recomendations to see what will be best for my poochs’.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks Barbra! So glad you found the reviews helpful and please do stop by again and comment!

  4. Austin

    I really enjoyed reading this. I don’t have a dog, so I never knew that sometimes there could be numerous different options to feed them, and it could get confusing. You did a great job separating the different options and explaining how each of them was useful. Also, Sacha looks adorable lol. Thanks Mike!

  5. Jerry

    Hi Mike,
    What a wonderful review you have! I do not have a dog but this is some really useful and thorough information . I will share with my friends who have dogs. Thanks for the review.


    1. Mike Post author

      Appreciate the kind words Jerry! And thank you for passing along the site to your friends. Hope they find it useful!

  6. Reyner

    Your Sacha is a very cute dog. I don’t own a dog and didn’t know it would be quite troublesome to choose dog food. Your review is very thorough. Might recommend to my cousin who breed dogs.

  7. Marie

    Thanks for this great review! We have a Husky and a Great Dane. Originally started the Great Dane off (when she was a pup) on Eagle Pack – They had fantastic reviews. We had to take her off of this because she was actually losing weight on this. Our dogs do not take well to changing their food and get really upset tummies – But I think I just may try the Fromms.

  8. Smith

    I have samoyed puppy and trying to find best food, grain free even organic, but its really hard to find. I purchased NOW brand and seemd good, also Orijen 6 fish, I will look for Fromm. Every one should be very careful with dog food, as I red Purina purchased some other dog food companies (Merick) and seems them are changing dog food ingredients which are not good.


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