Funny Dog Video – Sacha Howling at Fire Truck

Sacha Loves Talking to Passing Emergency Vehicles

Thought we’d have a little fun on a Friday and share a video of my Samoyed Sacha howling at the sound of a siren from a passing fire tuck. Sacha loves howling at sirens, even in the house. If the windows are open and an ambulance drives by or something, there goes Sacha howling at him through the window. It’s so cute.

It was a windy day (we do live in the Windy City after all), so pardon the wind noise. But with that said, I now present to you, “Sacha and the Siren.”

4 thoughts on “Funny Dog Video – Sacha Howling at Fire Truck

  1. tatihden

    Very funny. I wonder why dogs howl at and chase cars sometimes. My dad had a puppy a decade ago when I was in college, who spent countless hours chasing and howling at anything with wheels. It was very cute and funny for the most part.
    May be Sasha is trying to repeat the sound he is hearing. That’s so cute.

  2. Daniella

    Hi there,

    Great video, I I’ve found it awesome!
    I have a German Shepherd at home and each time he heard my son palying music, he start to sing, It is funny:)
    He also open doors, it is a bit ennoying because each time I have to close the doors:)
    However, It was great to see your dog howling!
    Thank you for this excellent video!


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