Happy Birthday Sweet Ramius

Best Friend Ramius

Many people feel that dogs are humans’ best friend and you can certainly count me among them. This was never more true for me than with our sweet baby Ramius.

Happy Birthday Ramius!

Happy Birthday Ramius!

Ramius passed away of cancer in January, 2016. I’m about to undertake a whole series of blog posts on this site dedicated to Ramius and his long battle with cancer. I can tell you that will be very painful for me.

But today, I want to think only happy thoughts and post this birthday wish in honor of our baby boy. Ramius would’ve turned 13 today.

If you’re wondering if his name sounds familiar, Ramius is named after Sean Connery’s character in the great film, The Hunt for Red October, based on the book of the same name by Tom Clancy.

Ramius was the sweetest dog on the planet. Always filled with love, always ready to play, and always happy to be hugged and petted. I used to refer to him as “Best Friend Ramius,” because he truly was. I’ve got tears streaming down my face as I write this and my wife and I still miss him dearly. We always will.

Happy birthday sweet Ramius! We love you and miss you. We’ll all see each other again on the Rainbow Bridge.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sweet Ramius

  1. robert Lawrence


    Ramius looks absolutely beautiful and I can tell he was very special to you.

    I understand the pain that you’re going through because I’ve lost a dog before.

    It’s not easy and so many people just don’t understand what we mean when we say that a dog is a part of our family.

    Each and every dog on this planet is special because they truly are a special species. They are naturally gentle, sweet, kind, caring, loyal, protective, non-judgemental and fun loving.

    The bond between a human and a dog is a very special thing. I’m sorry for your loss.



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