Interesting Dog Breed Selector Tool – Check it Out!

This tool is courtesy of TrainPetDog

Obviously no tool like this should be seen as a be all and end all. There are many factors that go into figuring out the best dog breed for you, and it’s highly unlikely an online tool will be the only thing needed to reveal it.

For example, Samoyeds didn’t come up for me even though they are, by far, the best dog breed for me. And the coolest dog breed in the world!

Still, this is an interesting starting point. And it’s also fun and gives you something to think about. Check it out!

Samoyed Breed Selector Tool by TrainPetDog

4 thoughts on “Interesting Dog Breed Selector Tool – Check it Out!

  1. EllieCommunicates

    I’ve tried the Dog Breed Selector Tool and although the first couple of times it didn’t produce any result, then it suggested a Shiloh Shepherd dog.
    I think this tool could be useful to give rough ideas, because I do like Shephard dogs, but they are not my favourites.
    It was interesting and fun to try this Dog Breed Selector Tool. Thank you

    1. Mike Post author

      You’re welcome. Yes, it’s primarily a fun little tool. But it can yield some interesting info too. Glad you tried it!

  2. Michael

    Ha ha! Certainly a fun little tool to ‘play’ with! Although I don’t think the American Hairless Terrier is really the ideal dog for me. It’s very interesting to see just how many breeds of dogs come up in various scenarios and at the same time it actually says a lot about you and your attitude towards your pooch!


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