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My Review Philosophy

Reviews by definition are subjective. Hopefully all you reviews you see from people are fair and thorough, but unfortunately, sometimes they aren’t. I’ll be reviewing products from time to time about stuff I’ve had personal experience with and I’ll be focusing on those products and services that I like. I’ll also be sharing information about products or services that I think seem particularly cool or useful, even if I don’t have any personal experience with using them. In those cases, I’ll be sure to make you aware of that.

I think it’d be more useful for you if I can help point you in the direction of things to buy instead of things to say away from. Although perhaps as this site evolves, that will change.

But if you have a product or service you’d like for me to review, please share it with me! I’ll do what I can to review it. And if you have any comments about something I have reviewed, please leave a comment underneath that particular review and I’ll respond.

To see all of my reviews, simply CLICK HERE.