Samoyed Pros and Cons – Is Getting a Samoyed Right for You?

Since I’ve had three Sammies for nearly 20 years, lots of people ask me about Samoyed pros and cons. Well obviously, I feel there an an awful lot more pros than there are cons, but in the interest in fairness, I’ll try to come up with a few cons too. Just know that I do so under protest πŸ™‚

Samoyed Pros

If I listed all of the pros of having a Samoyed, this list would go on forever. But here’s a few to give you an idea.

Ramius Smiling

  • They smile lot, hence the name of this site. Also, take a look at this photo on the right. That’s our beloved Ramius.
  • Samoyeds love to play and are generally very friendly around people.
  • They’re always glad to see you when you get home. As soon as you start twisting the keys in your front door, you’ll hear them charge the door and bark to herald your arrival.
  • If you live in a cold climate, they help keep you really warm in the winter.
  • You get great reactions from people as you walk your Samoyed down the street. People always stop you and ask if they can pet them.
  • Chicks dig them. Seriously, if you’re a single guy and you have a Samoyed, you’re killin’ it.
  • They’re great with kids. Your results may very of course, but Samoyeds are typically known to be very good with children. All three of our Samoyeds, Zoya, Ramius, and Sacha, have been wonderful around kids.
  • They’re so darn cute. Honestly, have you looked at that photo of Ramius? Samoyeds are adorable.

Samoyed Cons

Nobody’s perfect I suppose, so here are a few challenges associated with owning a Samoyed. Again, I list these under protest πŸ˜‰

  • Samoyeds can be quite stubborn. They definitely have a mind of their own and their ideas often won’t intersect with yours.
  • They shed a lot, so sometimes your living room will have white tumbleweeds rolling across it.
  • You can never really have your Samoyed off leash. We’ve found this to be true everywhere, but it’s especially true if you live in a big city. They just get distracted too easily. If they see a squirrel, BOOM! Gone! It’s important you use a strong harness for stability and for your Samoyed’s safety. To read a product review I wrote of the harness we use for Sacha please CLICK HERE.Β 
  • Training. Training can be challenging with all northern dog breeds, and Samoyeds in particular. This goes back to the ‘they have a mind of their own thing’ I mentioned earlier. They’re very smart, so they can be trained. But get a professional trainer to help you and be patient!

What do you think? What other Samoyed pros and cons can you think of?

4 thoughts on “Samoyed Pros and Cons – Is Getting a Samoyed Right for You?

  1. Wing

    Such a cute dog! I always wondered what these were called and now I know. I was debating on getting either a Samoyed or a Shiba Inu, both of which requires training. After reading your review, I think I can handle a Samoyed a bit easier so I think I’ll be going with that!

  2. Cheryl Nay

    I’m a pet lover to I enjoyed your site. Your dog has a cute smile. I use a harness when walking my dogs also. I have small dogs so not sure the harness you use would fit them. Yours looks like a good one. I enjoyed reading Sacha’s diary. Very cute idea.

    1. Sacha

      Thanks Cheryl! So glad you liked it. Those harnesses do come in various sizes though so it’s worth a look. The ring where you attach the leash is in the front as opposed to being on the back which helps with pulling.


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