Save Diggy! – Sign the Online Petition to Overturn Waterford, MI Ban

If you’ve managed to find this blog, you likely love dogs. And if you love dogs, surely you’ve heard the story, or at least seen this photo of Tillery & Diggy. Diggy is the name of the dog FYI…

Diggy & Tillery Snapshot

If you don’t know the story you can read the latest from the Washington Post by CLICKING HERE.

There is an online petition available to lift the Dangerous Dog/”Pitbull Ban” in Waterford, MI which will keep Diggy & Tillery together. Here is some information about the petition from the website:

“About This Petition

Diggy is an American Bulldog that was at the Detroit Dog Rescue for 100 days before Dan Tillery came and adopted him. Dan snapped the photo above to show their joy for becoming a family, and the photo immediately went viral on the Internet. But now, the Waterford Township is threatening to take Diggy away because they claim owning him violates a local dangerous dog ordinance.


This ordinance has been in place for many years. Many families have had to give up their family pets due to this law. It is important for all of us to come together and be a voice for not only Diggy the American Bulldog, but all of the pets and people that have suffered heartache in the past years. We must remember, it is not the animal that is the beast, it is man that creates the beast. Aggressive dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and BREEDS. This should be handled on a case by case basis.”

If you’re moved like I was about the story, and want to do something about it, then please CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION TO SAVE DIGGY!

If you’ve signed the petition, be sure to leave a comment and tell me!

3 thoughts on “Save Diggy! – Sign the Online Petition to Overturn Waterford, MI Ban

  1. Audra

    I absolutely signed the petition!! I hate to see these poor animals raised by animals and put down! 😔😔. It’s horrible! Pits are not the only dogs that can and do cause harm to human beings…it is because of how they are raised/cared for. Heck, look at some of the humans we share the Earth with!! I hope the petition helps…people should be held accountable for their vicious animals and not the animal. When a child acts up, we blame the parent(s), so why do dog owners get a pass?

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for your comment and you make a lot of good points. Really glad you signed the petition! Please pass the word along to others.

  2. Maria Soledad Ortiz

    Mi nombre es Soledad Ortiz, vivo muy lejos de Detroit, especificamente vivo en Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Me atrevo a dejar unas palabras porque mi corazón a pesar de la distancia está con “Diggy”. Amo los animales y me parece totalmente injusto que ciertas razas de perros sean aniquiladas por ser consideradas peligrosas. Lo que sí me parece peligroso son esas leyes destructivas. Los seres humanos también son en algunos casos peligrosos y no por eso se cometen homicidios comntra ellos. Los animales también tienen derecho a vivir!! Diggy espero profundamente con todo mi corazón que puedas continuar tu vida al lado de tu familia y que seas muy feliz chiquito, te lo merecés!!!


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