Summer Shopping Ideas for the Samoyed

Summer Shopping Ideas for the Samoyed in Your Family

When the weather gets warm, and you’re enjoying some time in the sun, there’s lots of things you can get to keep your Sammy cool and safe. And you’ve got to buy some silly stuff just because don’t you? Just to have a little fun. It is summer after all right?!

When you’re finished here, please be sure to check out our page of Dog Cooking Appliances & Gadgets. And now on with the show!


If you’re lucky enough to have a boat you can enjoy this summer, make sure to get your dog a life vest. With Sacha and all of our Samoyeds, we prefer the Outward Hound. They make a terrific vest, that is high quality and fits him well. But as you can see, there are many great options to choose from.


A great way to keep your dog cool in the hot weather is with a dog cooling bed or mat. In case you missed it, please check out my review of dog cooling beds and mats to help you get started. These can really help your pooch remain comfortable, especially if you’re dog has a very thick coat. You know…kinda like Samoyeds do. As you can see, there are a lot of different options to choose from, probably a lot more than you realized!


Hugs Pet Products Cool Cot Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Pet Bed

If I were a dog, I think I’d definitely like one of these. This cot is elevated (like all cots are I suppose) and the bed is made of mesh so it lets the airflow all around your pooch. It’s also lightweight and easy to assemble, no tools required. Which is great for me because I HATE assembling things. I get the shakes just driving by an IKEA…


FURminater Dog Slicker Brush

The FURminator baby!! As Sacha mentioned in a diary entry, keeping your dog brushed is important not only for his overall health, but getting rid of that dead fur can also helps keep him cool in the summer. This is the brush recommended by Sacha’s groomer. Works great on Samoyeds and it’s very affordable. As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back!”


In my blog post that discussed the importance of keeping your dogs cool in the summer, I spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of water and hydration. Ensuring your dog has plenty of fresh, cool, water available is critical, particularly in hot weather. Here are a few different dog bowls to take a look at for the yard, for the home, and even for on the go.

Bergan Auto Wata Pet Bowl

I’ve never used this particular bowl, but it looks like a great outdoor option. You can click on the photo to buy it from PetSmart. Here is the product description from the manufacturer:

The Auto – Wata is the perfect solution for always having fresh water available for your pet outside. Simply connects to the garden hose and refills automatically. Floor or Wall mount. Durable and Reliable. Features: Provides fresh water for your pet Includes: 1 Auto-Wata Pet Water Bowl Dimensions: 10.5″ L x 5″ W x 10″ H Material: High Density Polyethylene Cleaning Instructions: Wash with dish detergent Color: Blue.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain by PetSafe

The product description says it’s good cats and small dogs, but I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be fine for large dogs as well. The thing I like most about this product is how it circulates the water around to keep it fresh, otherwise that water can get pretty stagnant. Here is some additional information about the product from the manufacturer:

  • 50 ounce water capacity is great for small dogs and cats
  • Free-Falling Stream entices pets to drink more water
  • Includes replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh
  • Helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration
  • Adjustable flow control knob allows you to customize the water flow
  • BPA Free and top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Call, chat or email with our expert US-based customer care specialists six days a week; They are waiting to assist you and your pet with your product needs
  • PetSafe® brand has been an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year.

You can purchase this Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain by PetSafe from by clicking here. 

Bergan Standard Water Bowl

Nothing fancy about this sturdy, good old fashioned steel water bowl. But we love it! It’s our go to water bowl for all of our Samoyeds. It’s easy to clean, won’t break, and Sacha loves drinking out of it. And it’s cheap!

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser

Previously, I blogged about some tips and suggestions to keep you dog cool in the hot weather, which you can read here, and taking fresh water with you when walking the dog is one of them. This little, portable water carrier works great. You just fill it up with cool, fresh water, and bring it with you on your walk. When your dog get thirsty, just pour the water into it’s own little dog dish. Your Samoyed, or whatever kind of pooch you have, will appreciate that on those hot, humid, days.

16 Oz Durable Round Empty Spray Bottles (6 Pack) by ChefLand

Spraying your dog with room temperature water can also be a great way to keep them cool. Especially on their feet since that’s where heat enters and exits as you may have read about previously. These plain old spray bottles work well and are very affordable.


Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan With Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer

Obviously, setting up floor fans around your home is a great way to keep your dog and you cool in the summer. We love the Lasko fans and have them everywhere at our place. They’re quiet and they work great. And most important of all, they are Sacha approved! In fact he lays in front of a fan we have set up just for him in the bedroom all night long.

FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars and SUV -Nonslip, Quilted, Machine Washable Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover

Samoyeds are obviously very furry dogs. And in the summer, when you want to take your best friend on the road with you, your car can get awfully hairy all of a sudden. It doesn’t take long for white tumbleweeds of fur to be rolling around the back seat or even in your home for that matter. Finding a good seat cover can be a help with his problem, at least in the car. This is one that definitely seems worth checking out.

Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Leads Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness Seatbelt, Made from Nylon Fabric

Now that you’re in the car with your pooch, it’s time to buckle up! I’ve actually just ordered this product myself so I have not tried it out yet. But this is from the manufacturer:

The Vastar Pet Seatbelt is designed to answer every dog owner’s prayer – protect your pet, keeping him/her in the back seat, and away from the center console while you drive. High value shouldn’t compromise safety when it comes to taking care of your furry friend.

It is made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, compared with the old version, Vastar pet seatbelt features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles to guarantee extra durability.

Simply clip the Pet Seatbelt onto your pet harness and snap the belt tab right into the seat belt receptacle of your vehicle, securing your pet into place (Note: The tab on the seatbelt clip is 2cm, please check your buckle’s size and compatibility before purchase). With an adjustable length, the Pet Seatbelt accommodates dogs both small and large. Give your pet the freedom to sit, lay down, or stand freely without endangering the driver with distractions.

I’ll come back and update this section after I’ve used it and let you know if Sacha likes it.

Bone Shaped Ice Cube Tray – 6 Large Ice Bones

Okay, these are just kinda fun. A dog boned shaped ice cube tray; I mean come on right? What pooch lover wouldn’t want one of these?

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls Value Bulk Pack of 12 Cans

Obviously tennis balls aren’t just for dogs. But man, these are Sacha’s favorite toy. Yep, no matter how much we spend on different dog toys, and no matter how many dog toy gifts we receive, the only thing that holds his interest repeatedly are tennis balls. And I recommend getting real tennis balls like these, not the ones they make for pets. These tennis balls tend to hold up pretty well, but even so, eventually Sacha will destroy it. Anyway, what’s better in the summertime than a good old game of fetch with your puppy?

Samoyed Themed T-Shirts

Sunfrog has well over 100 Samoyed themed T-shirts and sweatshirts to choose from. Yeah, SERIOUSLY. Just click on the link above, and then type “samoyed” into the search bar. You’ll be blown away by all of the Samoyed options! And not only that, they’ve got just about any kind of T-shirt you can imagine including a bunch of superhero stuff.

Please Visit This Page Often

I hope this has been a fun and useful list of just some of the things you can get for your dog, and yourself, this summer. Please be sure to check this page frequently as I will be updating it as I find more cool products like these to share.


16 thoughts on “Summer Shopping Ideas for the Samoyed

  1. emmanuel

    Hey Mike,

    I really like the products for dogs so they can cool down.

    Since I have a dog it is really helpful to buy one of these products.

    My dog is always making a whole in the dirt to cool itself.

    Can I have this cooling mat outside or just inside?

  2. ches

    I know that for those in the US the summers can be brutal and dogs such as the samoyed can really suffer with their long coats.
    The cooling down down beds are a really good idea even for us in the UK. There seems to be a large amount of husky type dogs here in the UK as well as the samoyed and the chow.
    Are most of these products available here? It does seem that the US have much more of a selection of goods, especially for dogs, than we do.
    I think the elevated cot is what I would go for. It lets the air in and looks very easy to keep clean. There’s plenty here for us dog lovers to peruse. Thanks for giving us such an array of items to ponder over. Ches

  3. agbbp

    Hello! I have always been lucky enough to have dogs, even when I was a kid. I lived in Arizona for part of my childhood and I remember the dogs getting so hot in the summer that they would let us pray them of with a hose. I’m sure they would have loved to have one of those cooling mats to lay on!

    what kind do you think would be best for outdoors in Arizona with 100+ temps?

  4. roamy

    Hello Mike
    I have really enjoyed your tips and ideas of shopping.Honest it`S the first time im reading there are life vests for dogs.How ignorant of me.
    I know about dog water bowls and dog mats.Summers can be brutally hot in Switzerland and dogs with long fur like Samoyed can get very uncomfortable, l find the cooling down beds to be real good investment in keeping Samoyeds cool, in the heat so the life vest is great to take them swimming to cool down.
    You have given tips with great gadgets,things like the nonslip pet seat covers are not things i have thought of in the past.
    Thanks so much i have really enjoyed reading and learning about different items for samoyed or any other pet dogs.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for commenting Roamy! And no worries, I’m sure there are many people that aren’t aware of life vests for dogs. I’m glad you found the gadgets useful!

  5. Amy

    My pup loves having a cooling mat in the summer! She lays on it any I get it out. Any dog as furry as a Samoyed should have one.

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the FUR-minator. It’s my other must-have doggy tool. One thing to be cautious of is the fact that the end is basically a blade! If you’re not careful, you can accidentally hurt your dog. The first time I used mine on my dog there was one area I accidentally FUR-minated too times in a row, and she ended up with a thinned-out area with mild abrasions on her skin…OOPS! I felt so terrible. Hope that at the very least, my mistake helps keep other people from doing the same thing! 🙂

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Amy. Thanks for commenting and pointing that out about the FUR-minator. Great point about cautious and careful when brushing. Hope you’ll come back and comment again!

  6. shelby

    Hi there!
    I really enjoyed your article about keeping dogs cool during the summer. My pup despises summer, but then again we live in Texas so it’s just part of the package. My grandmother has a Furminator that I have used a couple of times and I loved it. I am hoping to get one soon to help my pooch out with all that extra hair.

  7. Heathguy33

    Very intresting post I learned a lot here. I am particularly interested in the dog vests. More so because me my wife and dog are very active and faithful swimmers. I would like to know does it really matter. Does it matter if the vest should be worn in a lake or pool?

    I know that they both are involving large bodies of water. But does one require a doggie vest more so than the other. If so which one would you prefer I buy.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad it was helpful. I think all of the life vests are solid options. We’ve had good luck with the Outward Hound.

  8. Genevieve

    I love those pet cooling mats. I got something like it once and then my dog refused to lay on it. Even though my dog was panting away, acting like they were dying. I’m not sure why my dog refused my kind cooling gesture but they even freak out if I try to hose them down let-a-lone give them a bath. I do like the different ideas though. Very helpful. I’ll have to keep different options open for sure. Thank you


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