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Family, Friends, and Hollywood, Oh My!

Sacha’s Diary February 23, 2017

Who’s a Happy Sammy? Me! That’s Who!

Dear Diary,

Well it’s been about three months or so since my parents drove us all out to Los Angeles. I know we’ll back to Chicago soon, I mean that’s what I hear them talking about at least. That’ll be fun, I’ll get to see some of my old friends (furry or otherwise) again soon.

Which is good, because although I’ve met lots of good new friends since I’ve been out here in Hollywood (furry or otherwise), I have missed some people. I haven’t seen any of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends in months. And I haven’t seen any of my fellow canine friends walking around the neighborhood in Chicago. I must admit, I’ve been wondering if I was ever going to see them again. Kinda made me a little sad. 🙁

But lately, I’ve seen some familiar faces, in particular my Grandma Carole and Grandpa George! They came to visit mommy and daddy for a few days, and it was really great to see them. I think sometimes you humans need to remember that we fur babies miss our friends and family just like you do. I know all of us still really miss my brother Ramius. So I was super excited, like puppy excited, to see them!

They stayed with us for a few days and it was great for me because they didn’t leave the house all that much which meant I got lots of love and attention. And EVEN BETTER, my grandma brought a batch of her world famous Grandma Carole’s Dog Biscuit Treats for me. Woo-hoo! If you haven’t check out her recipe, be sure to do so now. Like RIGHT NOW!

Homemade Grandma Treats

But even though I do miss some of my old friends and family, I’ve met a bunch of super new cool people. Including my Auntie Rose who took that smokin’ hot picture of me. Thanks Rose!

Also, my daddy the actor has a bunch of his actor friends over here all the time, and they all seem to love me. Of course, why wouldn’t they amirite?

Actors are silly though. They seem to like pretending to be having conversations in places that don’t exist. Oh you silly humans, you slay me sometimes. I gotta love ya.

So I think I’m adjusting pretty well to this life in Hollywood! New friend, new puppies to play with here around the compound, and there’s no snow…though I must admit, I have mixed feelings about that. I am a Samoyed after all!

Before I leave you today, just for fun, check out my daddy’s friend Ryan’s hilarious video about the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Or is the Hillywood Bag of Clams? Something like that. See you soon!

Until next time Mr. Diary!!


P.S. As a reminder, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.