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Cancer in Dogs – Physical Therapy and Rehab – Ramius’s Journey Part VII

Cancer in Dogs – A Retrospective of our Beloved Samoyed Ramius’s Battle with Cancer

In This Entry – Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Ramius chillin'. Chemotherapy? No problem...

Ramius chillin’ on the sofa.

Thank you for reading our continuing series about cancer in dogs, and our beloved Samoyed Ramius’s long journey with the disease, which started in the summer of 2014 and lasted until he passed away in January, 2016.

Hope you’ve been enjoying our series so far, and our apologies for the long lapse between posts. We’ve been busy relocating to LA which has been taking up lots of our time as you can imagine. However, we’re settled now so we’re back on it!

When we last left you in Part VI, we discussed Ramius’s Chemotherapy Sessions. Today I want to talk about his physical therapy and rehabilitation process. Continue reading