Thought Processes of Dogs – Cutting Edge Research Center Opens to Study

The Canine Cognition Center Open at the University of Arizona

I ran across an article this morning about the University of Arizona opening a new research center to help understand the canine mind, specifically their thoughts and behaviors. Understanding the thought processes of dogs sounds like a pretty amazing idea and I’m sure they’ll learn some very cool things.

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

Pretty Sure Sacha is Thinking About a Bone

The thoughts that my Samoyeds have is something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time. I’m sure this crosses the mind of most dog owners from time to time. Fortunately for readers of this blog, we have Sacha’s Diary to help give us an insight into the canine mind. Well, at least Sacha’s canine mind. 🙂 To read his latest diary entry, just click here.

It’ll be interesting to read about what kind of findings the new center at the University of Arizona reveals.

Until then, just stay tuned to this blog. 🙂


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