Walking in La La Land – Sacha’s Diary

Sacha’s Diary April 1, 2017 – Taking a Hike in Griffith Park

La La Land!

Dear Diary,

There are lots of things like I really love about LA. Like Hollywood and the weather for instance. Fun fact, so many people ask my parents how I can stand the heat. Stand the heat?! What are you guys talking about who ask me that? It’s like 72 degrees and sunny every day. That’s not hot! I’m used to those Chicago summers where it’s 90 degrees in the shade and there is no shade. And yet in Chicago nobody EVER asks me or my parents how I can stand the heat? Maybe it’s because they assume I’m built to withstand those Chicago winters, which of course I am. Still, it’s just kinda funny. My daddy usually tells those people that I’m fine because I’m wearing white. I don’t really get that joke, but people do seem to laugh at it.

Anyhow, I digress. Back to LA, and one of my favorite things to do in this town is to take a hike in Griffith Park. Now if you’ve seen the movie La La Land you’ll recognize the Griffith Park Observatory, truly one of the coolest things around. Here’s a recent picture of mommy and me in front of the observatory which should look familiar to fans of the movie (except for the fact that mommy and me weren’t in the movie. Boo!).

I’ve gone hiking there with mommy and daddy a few times, and we all just went again recently with their friend Jennifer. My daddy is an actor who makes movies and Jennifer was in town because one of their films was screening at a couple of really cool film festivals – The NoHo CineFest and HollyShorts Monthly Series. Jennifer is an actress  and starred in my daddy’s film called ELLA GETS A PROMOTION?  with their friend Erin who played ELLA (confused yet? Me too!) My daddy seems to be very proud of it, and they just won the Audience Choice award at the HollyShorts Monthly Series event. Yay Daddy!

Jennifer stayed at our house so she and my parents went around LA doing lots of fun things together. Sadly, they seemed to leave me at home a lot (sometimes you humans just don’t get it), but when they said we were going hiking in Griffith Park I got all excited!

Hiking up Griffith Park

Walking Down Griffith Park

If you’re in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, that’s where you go hiking if you want to end up at the observatory. There’s this great parking lot off of Fern Dell Avenue which always seems to have plenty of open spots. Uh…hold on…okay…my daddy wants me to tell you no! There are never any open spots there! Don’t park there you’ll ruin it for everybody! Not sure what that means, but I’m taking back the laptop. Sit down daddy!

Sorry folks…

Anyhow, close by the parking lot is the beginning of the hiking trail that takes you on an ascending, winding road up to the observatory. There’s a rustic looking sign at the beginning of the trail which says about it’s about a mile up. I’m not super sure that’s accurate; it feels quite a bit longer than that, but then again you are gradually going up most of the time. Here’s a picture that our friend Jennifer took of me with mommy and daddy as we begin the hike. Pretty beautiful isn’t it? Yeah, it gets even better the higher you go! The views of LA are spectacular!

One thing I quickly realize on our hike is that we’re not alone. There are lots and lots of other people, and even plenty of other puppies too. I have to say, and I hope that this doesn’t come across as bragging, but people seem to really love me. When they see me, they usually gasp like, “Oh my God!” and then they ask my parents if they can pet me, and how I’m dealing with the heat (we covered that already).

In all seriousness about that heat, my parents always do a really good job of making sure I have plenty of water and that I get as much shade as possible whenever we walk together. In fact, last year we blogged about the importance of keeping your Samoyed cool in the heat, so be sure to check that out. It’s super critical to keep your dogs cool in hot weather, even if they don’t have a big, awesome white coat like I do, so be sure to give this a read.

But the other thing people often do is ask for pictures. I’m telling ya, I must be one of the most photographed dogs in the city of Los Angeles. Certainly when it comes to Samoyeds! People keep saying that I should get my own Instagram account. I don’t know what that is, but what do you guys think? Should I? Leave me a comment and tell me your opinion! Instagram or no Instagram?!

Me with Daddy and Jennifer

Anyway so many people run up to me asking for pictures that, while flattering, it does get a bit exhausting. One guy even walked past us while several people were waiting to take their picture with me and whispered to my daddy, “Charge ten dollars per picture.” We didn’t do that but I do think daddy kinda liked the sound of that.

Of course, mommy can take as many pictures of me as she wants, and here’s a photo she took of me at the top of the observatory with my daddy and Jennifer. Note the Hollywood sign in the back!

Los Angeles amiright?! So cool. Great times, good exercise, sunshine, gorgeous views…what’s not to like? If you live in LA, please tell me some of your favorite places you like to go hiking with your fur baby. I’ve gone to Laurel Canyon and Runyon Canyon too. What other faves do you humans have? Please be sure to leave a comment for me below!

Until next time Mr. Diary!!


P.S. As a reminder, all posts signed off as “-S” are written by Sacha himself.

8 thoughts on “Walking in La La Land – Sacha’s Diary

  1. jemercer2017

    Hi Mike,
    I love your website. I’ve never had a Samoyed but certainly enjoyed reading about all of Sacha’s adventures. Lots of good information on your site and will definitely try the dog biscuit recipe. I like the idea of the cooling beds, will probably get one for my dog.

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Joyce! I’ll tell my daddy how much you like my work. Maybe he’ll give me a raise 😉

  2. Elva

    Oh my god, SUCH A CUTE SITE!! I stumbled upon this page so it took me a while to realize that the whole diary is written from Sacha’s perspective! How creative!

    I can see why everyone wanted a picture with Sacha, he’s just way too cute and fluffy. If I ever get to have a pet, I’d probably get a samoyed too!

    And also, congratulations to Sacha’s dad on winning Audience Choice award at the HollyShorts Monthly Series event!

    – Elva

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Elva! Yeah…I’m definititely WAY too cute and fluffy for my own good sometimes. 🙂

  3. FreddieC

    Wow! Sacha is gorgeous. I think my Shadow would like Sacha very much and we would definitely enjoy those hikes. Walking with your dog actually makes exercise fun.
    I didn’t understand the reference to dealing with the heat until I saw Sacha’s picture. That is one giant fluff ball.
    I really enjoyed the post. It made me smile and Sacha, I hope your Daddy will allow you to star in one of his movies soon.

    1. Sacha Post author

      Thanks Freddie! I actually saw Lassie’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the other day. I think one day a “Sacha” Star might be in order!

  4. meherbani

    I used to go to LA quite a bit in my younger days but have not ventured out there in quite some time. Your post brings me back to those wonderful hikes I would take with my husband and our two small dogs. No one asked to take pictures of us, though! Your dog is absolutely stunning and I would most probably be one of those annoying pesky people asking for a photo op, too!
    I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to seeing more!


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