Walking the Samoyed – Sacha’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Sacha Samoyed Blackhawks Hat

Me in my Blackhawks Hat

It was a beautiful day here in Chicago and I took a nice walk in the afternoon, but not with my parents. Sometimes, this nice guy named Jack comes to the house when I’m here all alone during the day, puts my PetSafe harness on me, and takes me out for a walk.

It’s kinda strange, my friend Tom used to walk me a lot, but he moved to California at the beginning of the year and I haven’t seen him since. I miss Tom sometimes 🙁

So I’m just kind of getting to know Jack, and I think I like him. My parents say he’s the “dog walker” which is what they used to call Tom too. And I guess that makes me the dog! 🙂

I have to be honest, sometimes I can be a challenge to walk because I GET SO EXCITED! There are other dogs out there people! I just want to play!

You need to have good stability if you’re going to walk a Samoyed like me. So just before I go out for a walk whoever is walking me puts on my harness. My Daddy really likes this harness he got me which he says is great for Samoyeds. He even did a product review of the harness which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

You know it’s funny, my parents used to leave my harness on me all the time, but sometimes during the night I’d get bored and I’d chew through it. Isn’t that hilarious?! I love that! For some reason this makes my parents grumble, something about it being a waste of money I guess. So now they only put my harness on when I go outside. People can be so silly.

That’s it for today diary, see you tomorrow!


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