Why Do Dogs Love Us So Much – The Mysterious Question

One thing I think all dog owners wonder from time to time is why do dogs love us so much? Samoyeds show their caretakers unconditional love and I think this is true for most if not all dog breeds. There’s something about the bond that develops between dogs and human beings that’s just unlike anything else.


This is a very broad topic and one that interests me greatly. I’m not sure it can ever be answered, but I’ll be exploring it more and more over the coming days, weeks and months. The reason I’m thinking about it now is an article I just read in the New York Times today that really moved me. I’ll share the link below.

It’s not an article about Samoyeds, in fact it has nothing to do with Samoyeds. But it’s a touching story about a man who lost everything including his wife, his home, and his dignity. And it was the unconditional love of his two St. Bernards that ultimately got him on the right track again.

Anybody who lives with dogs knows this feeling of unconditional love. And all of us have been grateful for it, because that love can truly sustain us when we need it most.

The article is called, “Learning Humanity from Dogs” and I encourage you all to read it.


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